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Next stop in our World Tour is Vietnam!

Prometeus CBDO Vladislavs Semenovs together with Chandler Song from Ankr and Zhongxing Ming from Blockcloud will held the biggest event of this leg of the tour!
It will take place in Hanoi tomorrow, on July 6th!

Please sign up here to join us on the meetup and be eligible for rewards:
Prometeus Labs is currently on the road with Ankr and other promising projects in the blockchain space: Aergo, Fantom, Blockcloud and Lition. So far, they visited 3 cities and another 2 are waiting ahead. The tour is dedicated to education about technology and includes topics such as enterprise blockchain, Binance chain, and interoperability.

Please sign up here to join us on the Hanoi meetup today:
The Prometeus team is currenly in Hanoi, Vietnam to educate and meet our community joined by @AnkrNetwork and @BlockcloudTeam

Our CBDO Vladyslav presenting to large community of approximately 300 crypto enthusiast 👏

We are proud to be part of this journey joined by both the Ankr and Blockcloud team. Bangkok tomorrow is next!
Next stop: Bangkok!

Chandler is now in Thailand, preparing for the event together with Prometeus. The event will take place in Bangkok on July 9th!

Please sign up here to join the meetup and be eligible for rewards:
Check out this awesome aftermovie of our event in Vietnam, where more than 300 people showed up to learn about Ankr, Blockcloud and Prometeus!

After the presentations of the projects, there was an interesting panel discussion and there were lots of prizes and giveaways for this enthusiastic crowd.

We all had a great time in Hanoi and hope to see you again in the future!
Bangkok was the last stop in first phase of Ankr-Prometeus World Tour.

We all had a great time in Bangkok and hope to see you again in the future!

We have more exciting plans for future. Stay tuned for updates.
Final results of Prometeus Community Demo-Test Challenge

It was a really tough battle, with awesome community voting, which showed great support from local communities. Its results were rather honest as for quality of reports, so thanks everyone for the help!

As for the team votes, our evaluation criteria were:
- the breadth of using the statistical data when selecting the influencer
- competent description and argumentation of choice
- creative presentation (optional, but welcomed)
- comparative analysis of influencers from the search result (optional, but welcomed)

So we counted and combined all the factors, and…drumroooooll 🥁

The final decision, depended on both the team and community is:
1️⃣ $400 goes to @Kaunov_Roman for his Report and Presentation
2️⃣ $300 goes to @jadevo for her Report
3️⃣ $100 goes to @kakoilogin for his Report
4️⃣ $100 goes to @Srikanthnaidu for his Report
5️⃣ $100 goes to @leopar for his Report

Our congratulations to winners!
All of you made great reports and, as we hope, understood lots of our use case Demo possibilities.

There are participants with nice reports, but who didn’t join the final 5th: @VVho_are_you, @Simeon4real, @purenarcotic1, @hunnykaushal. We also appreciate your efforts, and decide to reward you at least with our brand T-Shirts!

@nick_prometeus will PM all winners to get the details.
Please, check telegram handle to prevent fraud!

Thanks everyone for participation, discussion and support. There are much more activities in the future, so more chances to get rewards for everyone.
Stay tuned!