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Merge provides Software as a Service powered by the blockchain, with the support of our cryptocurrency, MERGE, and the use of Tokenomics.
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Dear Community,

Do not miss our monthly update, that summarises our recent work and achievements.

During the last weeks, we have focused on the following topics:

- Membrane
- RocketBot
- SmartStake
- Deterministic Masternodes
- Marketing
- and Other updates

Have a great weekend @everyone!
Merge Core team
Channel photo updated
Dear Community,

You asked, we listened! The long-awaited Membrane update is now here.

What is Membrane? What are its use cases? How it will affect the development of Merge?

Find the answers to these questions, and more, in our latest article:

Wishing @everyone a great weekend,
Merge Core team
Happy New Year, Dear Community!

We passed 2020, a year full of challenges for individuals and businesses. And we now welcome 2021, with important lessons learned during the last 12 months, and having become stronger and ready to continue with the growth of Merge.

Last year, we achieved new milestones and continued to move towards the goal of providing Software as a Service powered by the Blockchain. These were the highlights of Merge in 2020:

- Introduction to Merge Tokenomics and how it benefits our users.
- Expansion of existing services, such as Merge Hosting.
- Introduction of new services, such as RocketBot.
- Listing on StakeCube exchange.
- Development of a major blockchain upgrade to adapt to the new times.
- New partnerships to increase Merge’s exposure.
- New listings in third-party services, such as MNO, Masternode Buzz and

We thank you all for being next to us during this time 🙏
May this year bring you the happiness you deserve, good health and great moments to experience.

Our best wishes,
Merge Core team
Dear Community,

The first development update of the year is now available!

During the last two months, the team has focused on the release of RocketBot v3 and the fix of the issues found on the new Core Wallet during the testing phase. We have also focused on promoting the use of RocketBot on Twitter.

Find all the details on our Medium article:

We wish @everyone a great weekend!
Merge Core team
@everyone We are pleased to announce that $MERGE has been listed on StackOfStake!

StackOfStake stands out not only for its staking service, but also for its Farming and StakeDrop features. Find them out below:


Stake your $MERGE and receive 120+% APY while also farming bonus rewards.

Farming period: March 23, 12:00 UTC – April 1, 12:00 UTC.


Stake your $SCRIV and receive $MERGE as rewards.

Distribution date: March 24, 12:00 UTC.

Find all the details at:
Official Website: <>

Our Best Regards,
Merge Core team
🚀 We are thrilled to announce the listing of Firo on RocketBot! 🚀

Firo (FIRO), formerly known as Zcoin (XZC), is a privacy-first digital currency that enables untraceable transactions. It focuses on keeping your transactions anonymous with the use of Sigma/Lelantus, a next-generation privacy protocol that allows you to burn your coins, hiding them in an anonymity pool of over 65,000 FIRO. The receiver can redeem it from this anonymity pool, which breaks the links from your transaction and all the previous ones it has been through.

Firo is one of the few projects that currently contributes to both independent research and development to blockchain privacy and decentralization technologies.

Learn more at:

Start earning, tipping, airdropping and giving away FIRO with RocketBot today!
🚀 We are happy to announce the listing of Block-Logic on RocketBot! 🚀

Block-Logic (BLTG) brings a distributed, next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform, based on IPFS Technology. Its Ecosystem is backed by the following core services:

- Block-Protect: A method that allows consumers and businesses to store and retrieve their digital files in a safe, secure and encrypted manner.

- Block-Pay: A method that allows individuals and businesses to pay for goods with our native token (BLTG).

- Block-Purchase: A method for business to easily sell goods online.

Learn more at:
- Web:
- CMC:
- Discord:
- Telegram:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:

Start earning, tipping, airdropping and giving away BLTG with RocketBot today!
Dear Community,

The second update of the year is now available!

During the last two months, we have been working on a major release for RocketBot, developing its API Payment Gateway, which will set the base for cross-chain operations and provide an API for developers willing to integrate crypto payments into their applications. We have also continued with the promotion of RocketBot on Twitter by running giveaways and spreading the word to crypto enthusiasts and influencers.

Find all the details on our Medium article:

We wish @everyone a great weekend!
Merge Core team
🚀 Today we announce the listing of Québecoin on RocketBot! 🚀

Québecoin is a multi-algorithm open source cryptocurrency based on the X7 protocol. It is highly secure and rated for a 20-second block time. It is not tied to any organization, corporation, central bank or government and is open to all users.

Learn more at:
- Web: <>
- CoinGecko: <>
- GitHub: <>

Start earning, tipping, airdropping and giving away QBC with RocketBot today!
💰 Do not miss the welcome to Québecoin giveaway on Twitter!! 💰

Simply follow the steps listed on the following tweet:
🚀 We are pleased to announce the listing of Absolute on RocketBot! 🚀

Absolute is a community of designers and developers that help produce great designs and ideas that their users can customise. Users can create their own products in a way that is special to them.

Absolute is committed to supporting their community by using the “One Protocol”. 10% of any profit they generate is rewarded to the community through a decentralised dividend.

Learn more at:
- About Absolute:
- One Protocol:
- Twitter:
- All Resources:

Start earning, tipping, airdropping and giving away ABS with RocketBot today!
💰 Do not miss the welcome to Absolute giveaway on Twitter!! 💰

Simply follow the steps listed on the following tweet:
@everyone It has been some time since our last update. It is time to share all the latest work we have been focusing on!


- Merge token is now on Binance Smart Chain and traded on PancakeSwap! <>

- Liquidity locked on BSC: <>

- Merge Farming released! <>

- Merge fully listed on CoinMarketCap! <>

- Circulating supply API added and displaying on Nomics and CoinGecko:
-- <>
-- <>

- Merge listed on LunarCrush: <>

- Growth on social networks with RocketBot and network of influencers.

Find out all the details on our newest article:

Our Best Wishes,
Merge Core team