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Merge provides Software as a Service powered by the blockchain, with the support of our cryptocurrency, MERGE, and the use of Tokenomics.
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Until the end of 2019, benefit from special prices when hiring our services. Our discounts can get up to 75% !

Visit <> now and take advantage of our year end sale!

The sales period ends on 31st December 2019.

The Merge Core team wishes @​everyone a great Christmas time and start of 2020!

Merge Core team
We wish @​everyone a Happy New Year! May this year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for being there with us. It has recently been one year since the launch of our blockchain, and since then, we have continuously worked in drawing a path around it with the release of services and the development of software solutions that make the use of the blockchain easier for everyone. Without your support, this would not have been possible.

Wishing you a joyous 2020,
Merge Core team
Hi @​everyone,

Merge Merchandise is our online shop, where users can purchase items of Merge, such as hoodies and T-shirts.

Shop: <>

Merge Merchandise is powered by Apparel Junction. Together with them, we are offering other coins their own online store!

Learn more about Merchandise and its services on our latest Hub post:


Kind Regards,
Merge Core team
Dear @​everyone,

Learn in detail how with Merge Tokenomics we are able to offer our blockchain services for "free". The post includes yesterday's video talk about the topic with Kenn Bosak:


Best Regards,
Merge Core team
Dear Community,

We hope @​everyone is staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak 🙏 💙 . Despite of some of the team members being affected by the lockdown of several countries, we are still moving forward.

We have recently been mentioned in a new article that has been published on CoinSpectator and Crypto Shib. The article explains in detail our Escrow Services and Tokenomics. Do not miss it!


Our Best Regards,
Merge Core team
@​everyone Merge new core is almost here. We are in testnet phase now but would like to share some details with our community. Merge was fork from PIVX 3.2 and BTC 0.10 core. This allowed us to establish our chain and focus on applications/usecase. Version 0.10 BTC was old code from 2015 and didn't allow us to improve and maintain standards that BTC was adopting. Rebasing our code and retaining PIVX base layer has never been done by any other PIVX fork, for good reason it's difficult. We started this adventure back in November 2019 when BTC 0.19.1 <> was the latest codebase. Now that we have broken away we can maintain our codebase with BTC, so upgrading to 0.20 will be much easier. Smart Contracts are here for BTC via <> with our upgrade this will be our next objective. Of course with our ground up rewrite we needed an equally impressive wallet QT, so we selected qtum's fabulous UI.
Dear Community,

We invite you to visit our Website. It has been updated with new content that explains our Escrow Services and Tokenomics.

Learn how you as a developer and/or consumer can take benefit.


Developers are welcome to contribute and start earning.

Users and Partners can consume services using Tokenomics. You will not lose the tokens invested to use those services!

More details at: <>

Happy Sunday to @​everyone!

Merge Core team
Dear Community,

Our Masternode Hosting service provider is now hosting new masternode coins.

These coins are:

- Phore (PHR)
- ZCoin (XZC)
- Win.Win (TWINS)
- Zcore (ZCR)
- SafeInsure (SINS)
- Polis (POLIS)
- BitGreen (BITG)
- Crown Masternode (CRW)
- Crow SystemNodes (CRW-SN)
- BitBlocks (BBK)
- Bitcoin Confidential (BC)
- Pac Global (PAC)
- Smartcash (SMART)
- Horizen Super (ZEN)
- Horizen Sec (ZEN)

Find out all the details on our latest blog post, which includes a FAQ that fully explains how you use this service without losing your investment.


We wish @​everyone a good weekend!

Merge Core team