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Dell Children's Medical Center: wE dOn’T pRoViDE tRaNs cArE On MinOrS!

Also Dell’s: You need to find a new doctor, Project Veritas blew up our spot
WASHINGTON POST: “Paxton earlier announced an investigation into “potentially illegal” activity at an Austin clinic, Dell Children’s Medical Center, in what appeared to be a response to a video report from the conservative Project Veritas”
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BREAKING: Self-Admitted Child Porn Solicitor Based in Brooklyn Identified From Whistleblower Database of Users; Brooklyn DA Presses No Charges

"I was" trying to receive child pornography.

"I did have a fetish [for child pornography]. I have therapy to help me get over that addiction."

Media is too big
LISTEN: Rapey.To Member, Jonathan ADMITS his activity when asked about his involvement in pedophile website

We have only begun to scratch the surface investigating the dark and twisted world of child predators and pedophiles.

There are so many more dangerous individuals lurking the shadows preying upon vulnerable children.

And they must all be tracked down and exposed.

We feel it’s time to expose every last one of them.

With your immediate financial support, we will have the ability to continue this important investigation and find even more.

No other media outlet is willing to go where we will, and we promise not to let you down.

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Project Veritas is the right team for the mission.

We’re counting on your support.

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BREAKING UPDATE: Today, Western Placer Unified School District School Board President April Nitsos says she doesn't want Reverend Casey Martinez-Tinnin's LGBTQ+ group The Landing Spot on campus “EVER AGAIN.”
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WATCH: Michael Knowles gives detailed breakdown of the recent SHOCKING investigation by Project Veritas

"That's some of the most important investigative journalism I've seen in weeks"
Nothing is more important for our country than secure elections. The 2024 Presidential Election is getting closer by the day.

New candidates are entering the race and are declaring their intentions to lead our great nation.

The bad news is this: The nefarious actors determined to ILLEGALLY INFLUENCE the outcome of the election are getting more active, even potentially playing a big part in upcoming primaries.

That is why it is crucial for Project Veritas to expose this type of activity happening across the country, and to do it now.

We are already working with sources on the ground in the states with the highest likelihood of voter fraud.

This work cannot wait until 2024, we must continue to act with urgency.

Here is the good news: One of our biggest supporters believes so much in our ability to make an impact in 2024 by exposing voter fraud that they are willing to MATCH ALL DONATIONS 2X up to $50,000!

We're eager for you to rise to the challenge in the next 24 hours!

With your immediate financial support more of our journalists will be able to hit the ground running and catch more of these criminals in the act than ever before.

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Your contribution is critical to our success in EXPOSING VOTER FRAUD in 2024.


Project Veritas exposed a self-admitted child porn solicitor based in Brooklyn identified from whistleblower database of Users; Brooklyn DA pressed no charges

"I was" trying to receive child pornography.

"I did have a fetish [for child pornography]. I have therapy to help me get over that addiction."

BREAKING: The ACLU, the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression have submitted letters to Judge Analisa Torres supporting First Amendment rights for all journalists in response to the unconstitutional FBI raids on Project Veritas in 2021

“Opening the door for criminalization of journalists' receipt or possession of expressive materials would result in censorious prosecutions under existing law and inspire legislators to conjure up disastrous new ways to thwart journalists seeking to expose malfeasance. Amici urge this Court to affirm that the First Amendment protects a reporter's right to receive and possess documents on matters of public concern that were unlawfully obtained or disclosed by a third party. Any other result would undermine not only the Supreme Court's holding in Bartnicki, but also decades of precedent protecting newsgathering and other necessary antecedents to constitutionally protected speech.”