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Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Holiday

May this year brings more prosperity, blessings, joy, good health, & quality living to all of us.

progeCAD Malaysia
We are pleased to announce an UPDATE 18.0.8-r2 for progeCAD 2018 (En) has been released, offering the following bug fixes:
• Fixed not regenerating xlines
• Fixed dynamic input after popup menu
• Disabled textbox when "no limit" is checked and changed the minimum accepted value from 1 to 2 in qleader settings dialog
• Fixed automatic text override after dimension command
• Fixed invisible text after dimension command
• Fixed origin point not inherited from other hatches
• Fixed loss of hatch gradient on TRIM command
• Fixed loss of hatch transparency on TRIM command
• Fixed duplicates of "*VARIES*" text in property dialog
• Fixed sds_getcolordialogtruecolor function to return RGB values of selected color
• Fixed MTEXT line spacing increased every time you edit it (when annotation scale is activated and different from 1:1)
• Fixed qleader text's color not being taken from dimclrt sys variable but layer's color
• Made "show menu grips" checkbox in the options equal to the one in settings
• Applied background color to the mtext editor when it is modified
• Made "Display print styles" checkbox not visible print dialog
• Enabled "Display print styles" checkbox by default in page setup dialog
• Fixed not enabling rename, delete and modify buttons in "Multiline Style" dialog
• Enabled the preview in "Multiline Style" dialog
• Set the number of columns and rows of a table as constants (when you insert a new table)
• Fixed table border color applied only to table's last grid line and not to every cell
• Changed the dimension of "Edit Lineweights" dialog
• Fixed change of table style from property mask
• Fixed problem editing values in DIMSTYLE dialog when LUPREC system variable is set to 0
• Removed possibility to delete layers from xrefs
• Fixed qleader text oriented only on top view
• Fixed not showing traced lines when typing text in QLEADER command
• Solved not inserted QLEADER on left and right view
• Fixed not working single line quote when upper and lower deviation tolerances are equal
• Enabled "Display print styles" by default in print dialog
• Added a message that alerts the user that by removing all DWG checks copyFrom/paste function may not work
• Fixed duplication of the grid and duplicated count of "All(X)" items in property dialog
• Fixed wrong thickness on MATCHPROP on single segment polyline
• Changed standard drawing files "label" during open and added all supported files option
• Fixed disabling of AutoCAPS when SHIFT is pressed and AutoCAPS is on during MTEXT
• Fixed problem calculating intersection with non world UCS

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For any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
progeCAD Support
progeCAD Malaysia
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progeCAD 2019 Interface with ExcelTable Addon plugin
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