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669.4 MB
progeCAD 2020 64-bit (Win/EN)

Download and try progeCAD 2020 now to experience its upgraded performance, enhanced features, tools and many more.
Access to more than 22000 built-in DWG block library and more than 1 million DWG block via online.

For more info and enquiry email to
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Server maintenance completed.
You may proceed to the following links to place order
3) Shopee (click here) or use the following link (copy+paste)
Mungkin anda pernah lalui keadaan ini.

Berikut adalah antara senario yang biasa terjadi apabila Reseller/Agen cuba perkenalkan produk alternatif yang mampu menjimatkan kos pembeli.

S: "Tuan... boleh cuba progeCAD. Produk CAD yang setanding dengan perisian Autakat..."

U: "Saya dah biasa guna Autakat..."

S: "Oh... dah beli lesen langganan ya?"

S: "Err... Tak mampu la... Autakat tu mahal sangat, dan WAJIB BAYAR setiap tahun. Jadi saya guna yang download dan crack saja!"

S: "Hmm.. progeCAD tak wajib bayar tahunan, hanya optional maintenance subscription kalau perlu, itupun masih lagi kos rendah... dan lesen version yang dibeli boleh guna lifetime sampai #pengsan! Harga lebih rendah dan mampu-milik berbanding yang tuan guna di atas tu. Cara guna hampir sama sebab konsep penggunaan aplikasi adalah sama. Format DWG juga sama, malah ada feature tambahan lagi..."

U: "Oh... malaslah nak kena explore pula feature tambahan tu. Saya dah ada yang crack version ni. Kalau produk awak hampir sama dengan yang saya guna pun, saya kena beli juga. Baik guna yang cracked/pirated version... FREE jer!"

S: <speechless> 🙄🙄🥴

Sokonglah produk tulen dan berlesen.
Amalkan penggunaan perisian secara sah.

Dapatkan progeCAD, download dan cuba secara PERCUMA di atau melalui Telegram Channel di

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progeCAD System Requirements
You need the following software and hardware to install and run progeCAD:
• Microsoft Windows operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
• Intel® Pentium® 4 or comparable, faster processor recommended
• 2 GB of RAM minimum (4 GB recommended, 8GB and above is better)
• 4 GB of free hard disk space recommended for typical installation
• 1024 x 768 VGA or higher resolution, video adapter, and monitor
• Graphics card compatible with OpenGL Version 1.4 or higher
• Keyboard and MS mouse
• CD-ROM or DVD drive for installation, if installing from a CD or DVD

Download here and try for FREE.
Important Notes: Please use Computer/Laptop to download the installer file. The installation will not work on mobile phones 😄.

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progeCAD Malaysia
670.9 MB
progeCAD 2020 64-bit
(update release
Download, install and try progeCAD 2020 for FREE and experience the latest technology and updates at your end.

Use progeCAD the same way as you use AutoCAD

To purchase visit or

You may also email to

Alternatively you may also log in to for product and sales enquiry.

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527.9 MB
progeCAD 2020 32-bit
(update release
Download, install and try progeCAD 2020 for FREE and experience the latest technology and updates at your end.

Use progeCAD the same way as you use AutoCAD

To purchase visit or

You may also email to

Alternatively you may also log in to for product and sales enquiry.

#progeCAD #install #CAD #DWG #drawing #design #architect #engineer #drafting #autocad #alternative #lifetime #perpetual
progeCAD 1-day FLASH SALE Offer
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progeCAD Upgrade 1-day FLASH SALE Offer
progeCAD 2020 upgrade from older version
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Valid for purchase by/before 22 July 2020 (cut off time: 2pm)
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