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ENTRY: 16235.37
TAKE PROFIT: 16472.13
STOP LOSS: 16218.54

Risk on SL: 2.5%
Potential reward on TP: 34.9%
Metals have a high chance of a flash crash today
We've built up a big short on gold

ENTRY: 1793.12
TAKE PROFIT: 1784.96
STOP LOSS: 1794.17

Risk on SL: 1.4%
Potential reward on TP: 10.9%

ENTRY: 80.436
STOP LOSS: 80.234

Risk on SL: 3.4%
Potential reward on TP: 17.3%
Hey all πŸ‘‹

We hope you're all having a good weekend!

We just updated a free resources page within our members area, all you need to do to get access to this is head to and then press on the "FREE RESOURCES" tab right on the front page, once you register a free account you get access to plenty of videos.

We are going to be working lots on this section so we can help everyone become a better trader even for free! (as this supports our business mission)

Have a fab day!
Hey all πŸ‘‹

We were not active with you guys yesterday because we were trading the nasdaq moves.

We'll definitely be active with you guys later today!

Happy and prosperous trading!
We were live on tradingview and forgot to tell you guys πŸ™Š

But... here's the recording!
in this video Denis explains why a crypto crash is very likely and the importance of support levels, like the support level on weekly chart of BTC that we are approaching. If this level breaks, btc could easily trumble down to around the 10k level.
check this video out to get more info about it and share it with your friends or people you know who are hodling crypto at the moment