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This group is a community-led initiative containing Frequently Asked Questions for PRIA by DeFi LABS.
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Q: Why is there a limit to how much the airdrop address can grow?

A: For someone to receive an airdrop, they'll have to qualify for it by making a trade with the minimum value of 0.25% of the total balance of the airdrop wallet. As the airdrop address grows, so does the qualifying criteria, making it hard for anyone to qualify at some point. Hence, the airdrop addres has to be limited to a certain size, and in the case that the current limit proves to be large enough to stop people from qualifying, then after 1 week, anyone will be able to call the inactivity function of the airdrop wallet, which will burn 25% of its balance and resume the reward distribution.
Q: Where can I check if I am on the airdrop list?

Q: Why should I add my tokens to the liquidity pool?

A: By doing so, you reduce your risk/exposure to the inactivity burn feature as the uniswap liquidity contract is the one that facilitates trading, hence, it's always active. Additionally, you earn extra fees from the uniswap built-in reward mechanism. You can learn more about it here:
Q: When is the best time to add liquidity?

A: You can add liquidity anytime, however there are risks associated with it. Try to see liquidity addition a little bit like trading. So ideally adding on low points has 'arguably' less risk. But it really depends on each market participant strategy and asset.
Q: What should I add as liquidity, only PRIA is enough?

A: No. You should add both PRIA and ETH, in equal parts. 50% PRIA - 50% ETH.
Q: Where can I add liquidity?

A: Go to the Uniswap app and you will see Swap an Pool options. Click on Pool, obviously, then you can input the amounts you want of PRIA and ETH.
Q: Do I qualify for the airdrops if I sell on Uniswap?

A: Not if the party you're selling to, is the Uniswap liquidity pool. This is to ensure there are no liquidity leaks. You can qualify if you buy PRIA from Uniswap. You can also qualify if you transfer/buy/sell PRIA to another wallets.
Q: How much PRIA should I buy to qualify for the airdrop?

A: For someone to receive an airdrop, they'll have to qualify for it by making a trade with the minimum value of 0.25% of the total balance of the airdrop wallet. You don't have to calculate it each time, though. You can find the updated amount here:
It's always better to buy a little bit more, just to be sure that you qualify for the airdrop, because the minimum amount specified can suddenly increase.
Q: How many tokens does the team hold?

A: The only team is Dr. Mantis, the developer of PRIA. You can check the owner's wallet directly from the contract and see the balance. PRIA has one of the most fairest wallet distribution on the crypto market.
Q: Is there a way to access the functions of the smart contract besides the web3 interface on etherscan?

A: Yes, just go to, login with your metamask and paste the PRIA official contract address in there. You will be accessing all the info directly from the blockchain.
Q: How the PRIA tokenomics does work? How many turns it will have?

A: There are 27 turns, which will take PRIA total supply from 100000 to just 1.2207 in the end. Then, after the turn 27, the whole cycle will begin again, from turn 1, continuing untill the Sun will collapse. For a better understanding of the turns, take a look at the image below.
Q: "Wen moon, ser?"

A: PRIA has already multiplied its price since the launch time and will continue to grow, as long as the token burn takes place.
Q: Why my PRIA transaction doesn't get through? I'm getting an error.

A: First of all, try to use whole numbers. If this doesn't work, then most probably you must increase the slippage. You can set it for 5%, if it doesn't work, try 7%, even 10% or higher. If this is not working either, try to increase gas and your transaction will get through faster.
Q: How long the PRIA airdrops will continue?

A: They will go on forever. Perpetual free airdrops for traders. Something that no other token offers right now.
Q: There is any live dashboard to see in real-time all the technical features of PRIA?

A: Yes, there is a community made dashboard with all the features you need, updated in real-time:
Q: Why am I getting an error when submitting a trade/swap on Uniswap?

A: That is due to your slippage tolerance being set too low. Look for the Uniswap settings, in order to increase the slippage. The slippage required is variable due to the fees associated with PRIAs tokenomics. The slippage required should not go over 12%. If you're still getting an error, try rounding up the amount of PRIA to buy - example: 1.23 PRIA instead of 1.23018537904 PRIA
Q: What PBE does mean?

A: PBE stands for Pria Burn Event, which is the 35 days mark for the first inactive wallet burn, which will eventually burn 25% of the tokens from any inactive wallet. Any holder can pull the trigger, so it will be a popular event in the PRIA community.