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Thank you, Presearch Community!

What a crazy 48 hours. It wouldn't have happened without you. We're excited to share with you a taste of what's to come in the next 2 months that will bring Presearch to the forefront of the crypto space. We're incredibly excited, and honored, to have you all along for the ride.

At the bottom of the article, you can see a list of all the news releases from yesterday!

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Last week marks an amazing week for Presearch, during which we had the Android search choice launch, welcomed tons of new users and saw demand for PRE increase 4x.

Missed last week’s updates? No problem, check out the recap below:
Hello Presearchers!

You can now purchase PRE through with a credit card through Wyre! It's the easiest solution we've had thus far and are excited to finally have found a long term solution for purchasing with a credit card.

Here is the link to all supported currencies -
‼️ European Users ‼️ We're giving 1000 PRE to one lucky European Presearch member to celebrate the Choice Screen! How to Enter:

1️⃣ tweet a screenshot of your Android phone with Presearch selected on the Choice Screen tagging

2️⃣ retweet + like this post

Winners chosen on 9.17
Another amazing week has passed, with Presearch now counting over 2.3M registered users and over 12,000 nodes on the testnet. Major social media growth, mentions, and much more!

Missed last week’s updates? No problem, check out the recap on our Medium!
New search UI goes live on Testnet!

Presearch launches its next-generation UI with faster results, more intuitive navigation and more customization!
Presearch now supports Raspberry Pi for Nodes!

You can now run a node detached from ANY hosting provider, using your own electricity and internet connection. Your node can be always on, with minimal energy usage.
Lots of exciting stuff happening in the world of Presearch! We launched our new UI on testnet, officially launched Raspberry Pi. We have an exciting week coming up filled with Conferences, AMA's, and maybe even a glimpse into our upcomming partnership.

Missed last week’s updates? No problem, check out the recap on our Medium!
Search CoinMarketCap Crypto Prices on Presearch!

CoinMarketCap and Presearch have partnered to offer accurate cryptocurrency data to the platform’s users. What Is Presearch (PRE)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction. Presearch (PRE) is a decentralized search engine that is built on the blockchain network and rewards users with PRE tokens when they use the platform. The main purpose of the Presearch (PRE) platform is to provide users with a secure network, decentralize the search ecosystem, and reward users who provide value to the search system.

💎Start Collecting "Diamonds"
💎Get NFTs Rewards "Diamonds"

👀 Track Listings on "Telegram"
🐟 Tunabot Airdrop "Guide"
⭐️ Influencer "Application"

📊Command List
– Price: /p btc
– Chart: /c btc
Under this symbiotic partnership, in exchange for powering our crypto information package with CMC data Presearch receives significant marketing exposure on, as well as within CMC’s various channels.

Read the full article below🚀
Check out this week's weekly update!

The most important takeaways from the update:
- Steps to mainnet launch
- 154M+ PRE staked between keywords and nodes
- Over 45,500+ nodes on Presearch Testnet!
- 2.7M registered users
- Traffic > 3.8 million searches

See the full update below!
With 7.5 million smartphone users in Switzerland and 45% market share — 3.5 million people will now be able to set Presearch as a default option within all new and factory re-set Android phones today.

This is in addition to the 100+ million in Europe who can do so already 🌍
Did you catch this weeks weekly update? If you did, you'll know that Presearch reduced the minimum stake for Keywords down to 100 PRE. Read the first article below to get the full scoop!

And read the full weekly update below!
Did you hear? Presearch is giving away 25 custom Presearch hardware nodes randomly to current node operators as well as a Presearch NFT to all node operators.

Like the tweet and click the link to our medium post to hear what it’s all about 🙌
Presearch is excited to bring NFTs into native search results 🙌

The integration with OpenSea is a crucial first step in the evolution of Presearch's overall strategy around NFTs and searching for digital assets.

Read the full story, as well as all the press coverage in our medium article below!