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Using (Wardley) maps to fix commercial organisations.

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Fast-moving businesses seize the initiative and exploit new opportunities before their rivals do. That’s why fast-moving businesses grow quicker and are more profitable than slow-movers.
So, how can your business become fast-moving — capable of identifying and executing moves that take you beyond the competition? Visit the new PowerMaps website to find out!
This is the clearest, most comprehensive business introduction to the power of Wardley Maps — the most exciting and fastest-growing approach to better strategy and effective execution, used by some of the fastest and most successful businesses out there, such as Amazon, Netflix and Shopify.
So, rather than wasting any more time and money on rigid strategic plans built on guesses about an unpredictable future, discover the alternative — Real-Time Strategy and Execution.
With strategy and execution deconstructed into 5 core steps, based on method that’s been battle-tested for 2,500 years, your business will soon start out-manoeuvring its slower-moving rivals.

Think of any great strategic leader and they seem to have the knack for out thinking and out manoeuvring their rivals. With the right tools, this is a skill which can be learnt by anybody.

Mastering strategy starts with being able to see the wider landscape you’re operating in. Throughout history military leaders have used maps for this and your best bet for understanding your business landscape is to use a Wardley Map.

Wardley Maps have a reputation for being hard to read and even more difficult to construct. However, at their most basic, they’re quite straightforward, particularly if you have some business experience.

In this short video we’ll show you “How to Read a Wardley Map” and set you on the road to becoming a master of Real-time Strategy & Effortless Execution.

Decisions-makers are always under-pressure to choose the right course of action. But in an unpredictable world there’s no certainty about what the “right” decision is. Sometimes, you need to see the situation from a different perspective and get a Second Opinion before making any irreversible decisions.

This short video (8 mins) here is the first of what will be a series of bi-monthly videos where we’re going to provide a Second Opinion on an actual business challenge. We’ll use Wardley Maps to show you what’s going on, how things are changing and where the opportunities and threats are. At the same time we’ll be showing you how you can do this for your business challenges as well.

We’re quite proud of this first one, which looks at self-driving cars and answers the question whether “Google and Amazon have really backed the wrong technology?” We hope you like it too! If so, give it a like, share it with others and let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, if you’d like to learn more about this approach, visit our site: powermaps.net.


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Strategy can be hard, which is why so many business leaders outsource their strategic thinking to management consultants. But strategy is about making choices that differentiate you from the competition — so simply copying what others are doing isn't real strategy.
In this short video we're going to make strategy as simple as possible, so you can start doing this yourself for your business.
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Russia is, of course, no stranger to systemic collapse. Its extreme experiences may explain the tendency of its people to avoid uncertainty and cling to the predictable. Yet, as the short 21st century has shown, uncertainty is a “fundamental and irresolvable characteristic of our lives”. Better instead then to learn how to deal with uncertainty than vainly trying to avoid it.


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There’s a story from the second world war about Winston Churchill inspecting an artillery unit’s firing drill. He was impressed with the speed with which the four-man team loaded, aimed and fired a large gun hitched to the back of truck ...

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Many leaders think their organisations are in a mess. They also believe organisational culture actively resists attempts to try and change it. But these are symptoms of a deeper, underlying problem.

Too often leaders focus on what they want the organisation to 'transform' into tomorrow, rather than making the next best steps today. They end up sacrificing the certainty of today for the uncertainty of tomorrow.

So, instead of launching yet another 'revolution' aimed at what you're trying to transform into tomorrow, adopt these 'evolutionary' steps to make your organisation a more purposeful and responsive place today.


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Why can some organisations adapt to change quickly and effectively while others struggle?


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Is outspending every other owner the only winning strategy for a Premier League club? Well, no it isn’t as you’ll soon find out.

If you’re interested in strategy, football and especially the English Premier League then this is something for you.

In this Second Opinion, we’ll use a Wardley Map to layout some possible moves owners of our favourite teams might consider if they want to win trophies without breaking the bank.


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