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Welcome to our Telegram group! Here we will share updates and progress as well as information regarding our platform.
This week, Positive Energy Ltd. is attending, as a finalist of the YGT competition 2019, the Young Green Tech Summit in Guangzhou, China.

Vincent B., CFO & Co-founder of Positive Energy Ltd. is going to pitch our clean energy solution with the goal of winning this competition, which aims at “empowering young creators and doers to create transformative solution”. 🥇

Positive Energy Ltd., with it's mission to reimagine the energy funding process to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy assets globally, complies with the pillar about “Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction”, covering clean energy solutions and energy efficiency.

Stay tuned to know the results, and wish us good luck !🍀
Last year August 1st, 2018 was the earliest Earth Overshoot Day ever. However, less than a year later, the 2019 Earth Overshoot day is here.
By July 29th, 2019, we have used all the resources that the Earth could provide in a year. In other words, the human population worldwide is using 1.6 times more natural resources and services than our planet can regenerate in a year. This major concern for society grows exponentially every year, and we all need to help to #movethedate !
The Earth Overshoot Day shows that we are very quickly reaching the tipping point by pushing the planet to its limit with a considerable amount of GHG emitted. In 2018, experts established that the carbon emissions from coal, oil and gas combustion to be as high as of 37 billion tons, making it the largest contributor to GHG emissions. Knowing that by 2050 energy consumption will grow by 50% and that CO2 emissions need to be cut by 50%, the energy consumption has to change in a radical way.
By using Positive Energy Ltd.’s digital platform, you could help the world go in the right direction, contributing to #movethedate back to December 31, as fast as it is possible !
Find out here what are the different benefits of solar PV for the global sustainability goals