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#Staking #TOON

🔥Pontoon Staking is Live on Hotcross!

Users can stake into the Cross Pool and get the opportunity to earn 100,000 $TOON as rewards💸

Currently two pools are live:

▪️Stake $TOON, Earn $TOON
▪️Stake $HOTCROSS, Earn $TOON

Stake here: hotcross.link/CROSSPOOL

Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn lucrative rewards💰

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: twitter.com/PontoonFi
We are excited to announce that leading data-aggregator platform, CoinMarketCap has listed $TOON🔥🔥

📉Users can seamlessly track price data, token performance, technical and historical data on CoinMarketCap's interface!

Check here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/pontoon/

We will be releasing futher updates soon. Stay tuned

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: twitter.com/PontoonFi
We are excited to announce that we are listed on another data aggregator Coingecko🔥

👉Find us here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/pontoon

Track $TOON user data, market capitalization, trading pairs, TVL seamlessly!

We will be releasing futher updates soon. Stay tuned

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: twitter.com/PontoonFi
Announcing the Guess the Audit Partner Contest🔥🔥

Security Audits play an important role in safeguarding the broader interest of project's stakeholders💯

💡It is essential for DeFi smart contracts to build a protective layer to drive mainstream adoption. As a part of this contest, users will be required to guess Pontoon's audit partners in our comment section on Twitter🚀👩‍💻

👉 Participate here: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi/status/1454141732132569089?t=v-Ew3tJ7ZXkycmOzug6UwQ&s=19

🎯Hint: Pontoon Finance is audited by 5 reputable audit companies.

The contest ends on 2nd November, 2021.

💸$250 USDT reward pool for 5 winners!

We can't wait to see your entries. Keep Guessing🤓

Mandatory Rules:

▪️ Participants are required to join Pontoon Finance's social channels to be eligible for the rewards

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi
ApeSwap Staking

Stake $GNANA and earn $TOON tokens

Stake $TOON - $BNB LP's and Earn $BANANA

Users can stake into the Ape Pool and get an opportunity to earn 570,000 $TOON as rewards Money with wings

Stake here: https://apeswap.finance/pools

Stake here: https://apeswap.finance/farms
Apes, @pontoon_fi is addressing the current market inefficiencies in #crypto 🤝

$TOON is introducing cross chain liquidity solutions to reduce slippage and fees across #DeFi 💸

🐵 $TOON listed on ApeSwap
🚜 New farm and $GNANA pool
📣Announcing Liquidity Lock On Apeswap🔥🔥

The Entire liquidity provided to ApeSwap been locked for a time period of one year

Find the transaction details here: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xe0bbdc95e1e58831a2756a37954bab0be38207f3c4837fb173f79de9cb7e60de

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
📣 Announcing the Winners of Gleam Giveaway!

🤝Pontoon Finance and Hotcross synergized together to announce the Gleam Giveaway for the First-ever Initial Hot-Cross Offering!

Here are the list of the winners: http://hotcross.link/HOTCROSS-TOON

🎁The prices will be distributed to the winners by 8th November, 2021.

🎉Congratulations to all the winners and we truly appreciate your participation👏

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi
Wishing you all a Safe & Prosperous Diwali❤️

May you explore unchartered territories, reach greater heights and experience immense happiness🎉🪔
#ListingUpdate #Uniswap

We are excited to announce that we are listed on the leading DEX platform, Uniswap🔥

👩‍💻Users can seamlessly buy $TOON on Uniswap's intuitive interface without any hassle.

Pairs available for current trading is $TOON/ETH

👉Check it out here: https://v2.info.uniswap.org/token/0xaee433adebe0fbb88daa47ef0c1a513caa52ef02

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi
#SecurityAudit #DeFi

📣Pontoon Finance Undergoes Successful Security Audit By Leading Blockchain Security Firms

📋🔐We are glad to announce the successful completion of security audits by reputable blockchain security studios including Zokyo, PeckShield, Coinspect, SlowMist and BlockSec.

✔️The various leading blockchain security and code audit firms analyzed the codebase of the Pontoon Finance smart contracts. After evaluation, the testable code of the audit aggregated to above 95%, matching the current industry standards🔥

🤝Pontoon Finance will continue to work with the security audit firms to deploy highly-secured decentralized solutions that will accelerate the growth of the DeFi landscape.

👉Read more: https://bit.ly/3khgZ0z

🔄Retweet: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi/status/1458061088608579585?t=fICAongRofkLi-QZXuqKag&s=19

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: twitter.com/PontoonFi
📣We are happy to announce the Winners of Guess the Audit Partner Contest🔥

📃🔐 Pontoon successfully completed its smart contract audits with the support of leading Blockchain security firms and our beloved community.

💰A total reward pool of $250 will be distributed amongst 5 winners for answering correctly.

🏆 The Twitter handles of the winners are:

1. @THH48506280
2. @Ivanov097
3. @RyanTran1802
4. @Ruggez1
5. @nuttyking91

DM @Tharadevibm on Telegram with your BEP20 addresses. Hearty congratulations to all the winners🎉

We were amazed by all your responses. Thanks for participating 👌🏻🔥
📣Pontoon x BlockchainedIndia Community AMA with $100 USDT worth rewards for Grabs!

🔥BlockchainedIndia Community will be hosting a Live AMA Session with Pontoon. We encourage and welcome every community member to join the AMA Session in BlockchainedIndia community!

🎯Pontoon offers users One-click liquidity mirroring across ETH, BSC, HECO Chain, xDAI, POLYGON, OPTIMISM with incentivised Relayer Network and Liquidity Mining for Liquidity Providers across the chains.

📍AMA Arena: @blockchainedIndia
📆Date: 11th Nov, 7:00 PM IST
💰Rewards: $100 worth USDT for grabs!

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi
🤑Announcing Pontoon Finance's $TOON/ETH Liquidity Mining Program

💸Considering the ongoing demand for $TOON, this program is introduced just in time to reward our awesome community🔥

👥Users can seamlessly participate by adding liquidity to the TOON-ETH pool and earn lucrative rewards.

💰A whopping $100K TOON will be distributed to users for participating in this program over the course of 90 days.

🎯Start Staking here: https://incentives.pontoon.fi/stake

It's your chance to shine.Start earning high $TOON Rewards today🤑

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi
📢 Learn and Earn with Pontoon

🎉 We are delighted to launch Community Reward Program in collaboration with Pontoon.

DeFi Wizard has created an LP Reward Program Dashboard for Pontoon, enabling $TOON holders to add ETH/TOON liquidity and earn rewards. Read More

🎁 Rewards: 5000 TOON tokens to be distributed equally among 200 winners!

🔹To earn rewards ➡️ Follow the steps below

1. Like & Retweet - Link
2. Follow DeFi Wizard and Pontoon on Twitter
3. Follow DeFi Wizard and Pontoon on Telegram
4. Join DeFi Wizard and Pontoon community groups
5. Enter the "Learn and Earn" quiz using this Link

Make the most it! 🥳

Note: The Quiz ends on 15th Nov'21 (12 PM UTC)

🗣 Spread the word: https://bit.ly/3D9lsKs

📩 For business enquiries ➡️ Fill the form

🔗 Stay tuned for more updates👇
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Pontoon is excited to announce our first strategic partnership with Propel which integrates with vesting contracts and Investors Dashboard for Pontoon.


Read More: https://bit.ly/30CZ9Pm
For more updates: https://t.me/pontoon_announcements

$TOON #crosschain #DeFi

Spread the word: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi/status/1461685157761413121

Stay tuned for more updates

Chat: @pontoon_fi
Announcements: @pontoon_announcements
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PontoonFi
We are happy to announce the Winners of Learn and Earn Contest

Pontoon successfully completed its Learn and Earn Community Reward Program in collaboration with @DWZ

Reward of 5000 $TOON will be distributed to 200 winners

Winners Details: https://bit.ly/3FECukd


Thanks for particpating.
We started our journey of the rough sea in the last few months and accomplished TGE with the overwhelming response and great support from the entire community.

Pontoon Finance wishes a very happy Thanksgiving day to the entire community and to their families.