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We are ready to introduce Pontis, the first neobank built on blockchain. Thanks to Pontis you can store, exchange, send and invest in cryptocurrency.
Website: pontisapp.com
Whitepaper: https://bit.ly/whitepaperpontis
The cryptoworld is the future, but it is still loosely connected to the world of traditional finance. Our mission is to build a future in which these two worlds are integrated into one. That's what Pontis is for, we are building an app where a person can manage all the money in the cryptocurrency world: from tokens to nft and tokenized shares. You can read more about our plans on our website by watching our roadmap.
Pontis is a neobank aimed at cryptocurrency owners. Thanks to our app you can spend cryptocurrency everywhere and not be afraid that your money will disappear, because funds on the main account are stored only in stabelcoins. With Pontis, you can:
Pay online and offline purchases
Send money to friends
Invest in cryptocurrencies, NFTs and tokenized stocks
Ask a support question
Learn more here
Pontis Airdrop is Live!
Airdrop Link: https://t.me/pontisairdrop_bot……

📢 Airdrop Information:

🏦 Pool: 50000$ in $PNT
🎉 Reward: 5$ in $PNT for 8000 random people
👥 Top 100 refferals: 100$ in $PNT
🗓️ Ends on April 15th , 8PM EST
🏅 Distribution date: April 20th
20,000 followers on Twitter
40,000 followers on Telegram
Thanks to all!
🎉We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with

Tank Metaverse is a worldwide NFT metaverse for playing, making money, and having fun. It brings together degens, blockchain enthusiasts, and other diverse individuals with different interests
Tokenized stocks are tokens whose price is linked to securities. A tokenized share is essentially the same as a share in a publicly traded company. The difference is that tokenized shares are issued in the form of digital tokens. Pontis will support investing in tokenized shares to enable users to diversify their investments
We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with UNO.Farm

Uno.Farm brings together all the best yield sources in DeFi into one tool. To not only provide a unified interface but also to automate, verify and maximize your yield generation

This is a unique project that makes the entry threshold to DeFi minimal. Thanks to the reinvestment system, your profitability increases significantly. And if you consider that some pools already give a huge percentage, then with UNO.Farm you can count on a very solid numbers!

🎁 And also UNO.Farm holds a large-scale Giveaway!
Get money for your first investment. Lots of prizes up to $1000!

To participate, go to @uno_farm_bot and complete the tasks! Everything is very simple.
🚀Pontis Strategic Sale Announcement🚀
We're excited to announce a strategic sale at @karus_starterANN

🗓️ Whitelist Gleam Campaign April 2-4
🗓️ April 12, 3PM UTC
Forwarded from Karus Starter ANN
In order to participate in the Pontis Strategic sale, you will have to register to show your interest!

🔓Registration Open: Apr 5, 10 AM UTC
🔒Registration Close: Apr 8, 10 AM UTC

Mark your calendar and set your alarms!
Forwarded from Karus Starter ANN
🎉48 hours left until Pontis Strategic sale!

🚨 $PNT Token sale April 12th - 3 PM UTC! 🚨

📙 Learn more: https://karusstarter.com/karus-starter-strategic-sale-spotlight-pontis
🎉Our strategic round on Karus Starter is Live🎉
Friends, we have good news for you!

In response to growing requests, we've decided to extend the airdrop to our IDO.

Reward: 10 PNT (~$5)
Top 100 by invited referrals: 200 PNT (~$100)

Airdrop link @pontisairdrop_bot
​​Defi VS TradFi
While you will find many differences between DeFi and TradFi, the question is whether users should trust the technology or the people.

🔹Gives control to users
🔹Widely available and transparent
🔹Rapid innovation

🔹Is backed by a central authority
🔹Commercially recognized
🔹Easier user interface

What do you think about it?
Hello community!✌️ In order to improve our product we would like to hold a poll. If you have a crypto card, click on the link and take the poll
Dear friends!✌️
We have one more question for you. How do you feel about KYC in the registration process? (KYC is a mandatory verification of personal data of the client by the financial institution).
Anonymous Poll
KYC - necessary evil
KYC - pure evil
KYC - security blessing