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Vogu:Miami AMA tonight at 8pm EST. With the artist, designers and founders. Alpha will be released, you don’t want to miss this one!

Link to spaces: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lDxLLovvYbxm

excited to drop the first ever curated, verified PFP June 2nd!
My beginner kit to start working on robot prototype and robotics blog has arrived. I'm so excited 😊

#AIRA_Robonomics #pompotherobot

A video shot marking the launch of my robotic blog about the assembly of future battle robot.
The heart will be Raspberry Pi 4 B with AIRA OS from http://robonomics.network
Yesterday was a very important day because I personally presented the first autographed POMPO art to my real Holder!
@k1rzhaev, I was very pleased to meet you. Hope to see you again soon! 😊

Let me remind you that every owner of my first NFT collection can get the original autographed hand-paint artwork.

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POMPO-KRISHNA сame to open your chakras!

Faithful to their gods.

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Greetings MIKELAPO! 🐒
Nunchaku master.

The POMPO turtle team is almost here, who's going to mint RAFFAEPO? πŸ˜‰
By the way, Splinter and Shredder are still waiting their owner, too.


#pompotherobot @TMNT
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MARS-4-PO designed especially for long-range exploration of Mars. πŸ€–

We have a lot of common with this project and I hope one day our universes will meet. πŸš€

@mars4_me #pompotherobot #mars4_me

My basic setup for first experiments with blockchain.
Installing Ubuntu and ROS on it for connection to http://robonomics.network.
I will record a video with more details soon.

#robonomics #pompotherobot
Hi all! I plan to be at the NFT event on July 2 in Msc. I will be glad to meet and talk there! 15% off with 'PompoTheRobot' promo code.

Website: https://clck.ru/hcJwQ
Instagram: https://instagram.com/nft_conf
Telegram-channel: @nftconference https://t.me/nftconference
Free guides and 15% discount: https://t.me/nftconf_bot?start=nft
I have decided to fully open the rest of my first 123 collection and then list it on Opensea, Looksrare and Rarible.

So, until Monday there is still an opportunity to buy POMPO NFT at 0.15 Eth on my website.

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My SNOOPPO is live on Foundation!!
Now I want to gift it to Snoop Dogg and hope he sees it.
Does anyone know how I can find his wallet?


#SnoopDogg #SpongeBob #pompotherobot
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The complete 123 POMPO collection is now available and listed on the major marketplaces! πŸš€πŸ€–πŸš€
For example, on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/pompotherobot-act1
You can also now buy the POMPO from avatar😎

Those guys also make the battle robot, you know?

BBT 2x12

@bigbangtheory @pompotherobot @BattleBots
Hand-drawn version of POMPO from avatar πŸ™‚