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Participate in PHASE 2 CMU sale .You can buy CMU from POX only. Buy POX from exchanges listed in BTC and INR Markets. Soon starting in ETH and USDT Markets POX price will hit $1 soon.... best wishes for new participants ✌️
Phase 1 completed. Currently in Phase 2 ✌️
Free Offers are Valid till Next Update. Hurry.. Grab the opportunity. It is better to have CMU in phase 2 rather in phase 3 where rate per CMU will be $15
3.6 MB
Dear Affiliates Thanks For Your Support for Phase 1 CMU sale. It is your hardwork and dedication towards Polluxcoin Project , we were able to finish phase 1 CMU sales in Just 5 Months. Now we have to complete phase 2 in a shorter period than Phase 1. Our community is growing regularly. please Download updated presentation of project.✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Once server maintainance is over it will be updated here....Stay Tuned. We regret any inconvenience caused by the delay.
Server maintainance is over.We are back Online. Thanks for your patience..
We will resume soon.stay connected...
Server maintainance is over.We are back Online. Thanks for your patience.. 2FA added to Login account .OTP is enabled for login. We recommend to change login password in profile section..
2FA under updation Login is disabled for sometime. stay connected...
2FA added to Login account .OTP is enabled for login. We recommend to change login password in profile section..
GOOD NEWS !! Congrats POX holders largest helping Community is using POX as their transactional currency worldwide.
*MMMGLOBAL version 8 decentralized blockchain smart contract system has Launched ! Join now*
*MMMGLOBAL original 8.0 hybrid model of "Shared crypto bank+ Mutual Aid model + Decentralized System + Blockchain Smart Contract + POLLUXCOIN Cryptocurrency + Mavro Token"completes all data such as providing help, receiving help, team fund, team structure on the public chain.*
All transactions managed by smart contract.

*Participant only need a decentralized Tron wallet address*

*All assets are managed by contracts that automatically distribute the proceeds when the terms are agreed or the mechanism is triggered.*

*MMMGLOBAL version 8 has no manipulation, no central server, no App and no backstage system, it´s completely open sourced.*

*MMMGLOBAL version 8 can neither be attacked by hackers nor shut down by anyone (including the initiator).*

*Completely decentralized blockchain smart contract financial mutual aid system, a new financial nuclear weapon!*

*An innovative model combining financial revolution and technological revolution!!!*

*MMMGLOBAL vesion 8 completely decentralized blockchain smart contract system begins!*

*The lowest PH value is 10$ and the highest NO LIMIT*

*The participating Provide Help(PH) has a daily mavro growth of 1% daily*

*First Three PH 30% per month*
*Next three PH 25% per month*
*Next three PH 20% per month*
*After that 15% per month for life time*

*If you are willing to spread, you can get a 5% to 18% recommendation reward
All referral Income is distributed directly to particaipant tron wallet NO need Of GH for the referral*

*System transactions use POLLUXCOIN, a promising future cryptocurrency.
*All PH and GH are calculated in USD .1USD=1 MAVRO

*At each GH, the next 100% deposit must be completed first, which can prevent large funds from running away;*

*The existence of Mavro Token makes you, who closely follow Sergei Mavrodi's great ideals, become a greater winner in life!*

*Technical safety! information security! Financial security!*

*Welcome to join MMMGLOBAL great ideological emancipation movement.*

*Financial enlightenment is inevitable,*

*let us change the world together!”*

Please visit the global website address:www.http://app.mmmglobaloffice.help
Login disabled for some time stay tuned
Server under scheduled maintainance some pages may not reflect correctly . we have not diasbaled login and registration for the same. Stay connected...
Dear POX users
who are using Vindax for Deposit and withdrawal .if there is delay in deposit in Vindax. Please create Ticket from your Vindax acc.

just provide:

Account on VinDAX:
transaction hash:

Token name: