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Solana Ignition Hackathon voting is now open!

Please support us by voting for us, if you believe our project deserves more eyeballs. Crucial days, only valid for 3 days until 22th of Oct! Thank you!

(Needs a quick DevPost account, which can be done through social media authentication. The button is “Vote for this project”, not just “Like”, if on mobile it's almost at the end of it)

Serge confirmed as a speaker at the Web3 Conference next week, introducing Point Network (26-27 January)

Point Network Launches Full Web3 Architecture, Going For "Radical Decentralization”: Bitcoin.com

The Women Building & Shaping Web3: A Fireside Chat on Twitter Spaces


Tune in today @ 2:00PM UTC to listen to the Twitter Space hosted by SynchroniFi with guest speakers:

Nicole Buss from Crypto Society
Melissa Henderson from violetsummer.eth
and our VP of Ops Diane Pesquera!
Point Network Discord!

By popular request, our Discord is reopened!