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This is the OFFICIAL Verification Channel for PlugPRO.

PlugPRO aims to be the first DeFi-exclusive platform and hub for connecting professionals with those projects in need, and all of this with as little as a few clicks!

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✳️ FUD & Negativity won't be tolerated. This is to protect our investors by not letting their investments get fudded in the main chat. DM an admin if you have concerns.

✳️ Be kind & courteous. No inappropriate behaviors, messages, gifs, and videos. No mentioning of other projects. No fighting with the admins & members.

✳️ Always read the pinned posts. Let's avoid repetitive questions and be more proactive when it comes to your investments.

Let's keep our community professional & positive - so we can invite more investors to look into our project!

Once you agree with the Rules:
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