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Plair is a gaming ecosystem created for gamers and gaming fans rewarding them for playing, creating content, viewing and social interaction.
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About the previous Dota 2 1v1 no in-game invite Issue:
We have already contacted the affected users and refunded their PLA. The issue was caused due to server crash. Meanwhile, the issue has already been fixed for the upcoming games by Plair development team.
The next match starts in just an hour! Join 1v1 Solo Mid on #Plair and practice your mid lane skills! Score two kills or destroy your enemy's tower to win.

⚔️Play now on :
See how your skills match up against other players on Plair!
This weekend, we are offering a wide variety of game modes covering TF2 CSGO & Dota2.
1st TF2 2v2 kicks off from Warsaw 6pm UTC+2 tmr.