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Welcome to the Amazing PHP Channel! Here you can find a lot of interesting articles/news about PHP, frameworks, tools and development. Contact with author: @askarfz. Have questions? @amzphp
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Migrating to password_verify
I’ve recently been updating a website that was written a long time ago that has not been touched in a meaningful way in many years. In addition to the actual work I was asked to do, I took the opportunity to update the password hashing routines.
PHPStorm Tips in 9 Gifs
Instead of watching the 45-min talk, enjoy 9 cherry picked tips in 4,5-min gifs. I've dropped a few of my own daily habits. Enjoy!
Useful and interesting service is looking for beta users
Candum is a platform that enables you to easily test and monitor your website’s health. We'll give you 30% OFF if you join us.
​​Good Engineering Practices while Working Solo
When you’ve got to go it alone, how do you make the most out of it?

Most developers work as part of a team. However, at some point in our careers, we’ve had to (or we’ll have to) work alone. And while much of product development involves being able to manage or work with the rest of the team, it’s equally as important to develop good practices while working solo.
New in PHP 7.4
PHP 7.4 will probably be released somewhere December 2019. This page will receive regular updates meanwhile. Last update was January 14, 2019
Semantic Versioning - why you should care
While recording the videos for my upcoming PHP Package Development videos, I know that I wanted to cover semantic versioning and explain it in-depth. So rather than only having a video available, once the course is available in the next couple months, I also wanted to provide an extensive write-up on the topic.
Tips to Speed up Your PHPUnit Tests
Having a fast test suite can be just as important as having a fast application. As a developer, getting feedback quickly about the state of your code allows for a much quicker development turnaround. Here we are going to run through some tips you can implement today to make your tests run faster.
My Modern PHP Development Setup
With this combination of formatters, linters and build tools I am able to create a fully testable, completely portable solution with adheres to PSR coding standards.
Polishing your code
While preparing content for my upcoming PHP Package Development video course I discovered that over the last couple of years I spend more and more time polishing my code before shipping it.
And I believe that this is something that is just as important as the actual coding itself.
Let me talk you through some of the adjustments that I try to make, while working on my codebase and how this can hopefully affect your way of writing good and readable code.
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11 Awesome Laravel Helper Functions (that aren't in Laravel)
Let’s just jump right in and introduce the helper functions I included in the package and find uber-duber useful.
We’ll go in ascending order of awesome-ness, so you’re not overwhelmed with too much πŸ”₯out of the gate.
Moving from Go to PHP again
Well, after 2 years on Go, our shop applications are powered by PHP again.
Why?! You already said it was probably a bad business decision, and then you spend even more time on it?! Well, yeah, several reasons actually.
PHP type hints: self and parent
In PHP we can type hint function arguments since version 5.0. Over the years and with newer versions of PHP the number of possible type hints have increased. Here’s an overview:
A quick introduction to web security
A web developer’s primer on CORS, CSP, HSTS, and all the web security acronyms!
How to turn Laravel from Static to Dependency Injection in one Day
A framework is just a tool. Each teaches you coding habits you need to use them effectively. Like Laravel gives you speed at prototyping with static "facades". But the applications grows, so does the team, so does your skill and you start to prefer constructor injection.
What then? Switch framework or rewrite? But what if all you need is to switch single pattern?
Please, stop talking about Repository pattern with Eloquent
I regularly see articles like "How to use Repository pattern with Eloquent". The usual contents of them: let's create PostRepositoryInterface interface, EloquentPostRepository class, bind them nicely in DI container and use them instead of the standard Eloquent save and find methods.
Kubernetes: deploy Laravel the easy way
Laravel is an excellent framework for developing PHP applications. Whether you need to prototype a new idea, develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or release a full-fledged enterprise system, Laravel facilitates all of the development tasks and workflows.
Migrating Legacy Web Applications to Laravel
There are two possible approaches to migrating your application to Laravel: a flag-day or an in-place/side-by-side migration.
Serverless case study: PrettyCI and Laravel Queues
The idea is that anytime you push a commit to your GitHub repository, PrettyCI will analyze that commit using PHP CodeSniffer or PHP-CS-Fixer. Since PrettyCI integrates in GitHub's checks tab you can see the build result directly in your repository without having to leave your work.