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New version of Goldsvet 8.0 / MRS / Casino Club (Updates May 2021)
Many updates from Goldsvet. Plus added new games.

The script is decoded and untied from the GOLDSVET license. (You can resell casino script to other hands)

{1} The casino script does not have bindings to the domain.
{2} All games are decrypted with open source.
{3} only more than 1000+ games.
{4} games in modern HTML5 format – work both on your computer and on the phone.

There are intelligible installation instructions. How to configure and install the script and server.
Possible assistance in installing a casino script for an additional fee ($ 50)
Whatever difficult task is to install the casino script – throw off the installation instructions in technical support to your hosting. You will configure the server for free – this is their work.

There are FREE-KASSA and CoinPayments payment systems. You can make any other that works with a casino.
PARI SPORT – Script sport betting.

The script of the bookmaker’s office.

the scenario of sports betting PARI SPORT. An excellent, and most importantly inexpensive php script with a convenient admin panel.
many providers , as well as the ability to manually create sports events.
there are various payment systems – megakassa,and various systems including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
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The script of the electronic currency exchanger. Crypto Currency Exchange PHP Script

Open your own currency exchange

Software for launching an automated currency exchange office

The script of the currency exchanger is Zeroed Open Source

Without a subscription fee
🔺New Goldsvet 8.2 MRS (casino club) NULLED
A new version of GOLDSVET / mrs system. In this issue you will find new features for managing games and the system, the unification of game banks, a significant increase in performance and a decrease in the load on the server and database. Several new unique interfaces, as well as updating the Laravel Framework to version 8.38.0.

All the games in HTML5. Casino software have api integration.

TOTAL: 1100 GAMES (HTML5 + Mobile HTML5)
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Script ModernBlack NULLED Sports betting software

moderBlack sports betting software is your ultimate sportsbook/betting platform
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Script Caff365 NULLED sports betting software is your ultimate sportsbook/betting platform

The script is fully decrypted and unlinked from licenses. Open source code. There is documentation for installing and configuring the script. +++ our help in installing the script on your server
BitKong Clone Gambling Script 2021
We bring the new Bitkong Clone Script so you can create your own Bitcoin Casino online.
🔔 We wish everyone a happy New Year and Merry Christmas

🔺 The team gives discounts up to 70% on top scripts
🔺NEW casino Script online Goldsvet 8.5 Flaming777

A big discount on the latest version of the casino. Just a few days.

Full open code – no encrypted files – real deal sourcecode games and software system with over 46gb+ in size
Bustabit Clone Script New Version 2022 Nulled
This is a new version of the Bustabit cloning script with a new design, features and functionality. With this script, you can create a multi-player online bitcoin betting game consisting of an ascending curve that can be blocked at any time. It’s fun and exciting. It can also bring you millions. Rest assured, this is a wonderful Bustabit script that can bring you a lot of money.
🔺BetFury io Boxes Hack BOT Autopilot 2022
We present you our new special tool The boxes hack the bot’s autopilot to automatically claim their Betfury boxes, claim their BFG tokens or any other cryptocurrency on the list. This bot will allow you to automatically accumulate free shares of cryptocurrencies that betfury offers in its boxes
The script of the electronic currency exchanger
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🔺BetSport Script Premium Sports Betting Platform is a full-fledged sports betting platform designed for those who want to create their own sports betting website. BetSport sports betting is a comprehensive solution for all types of sports betting, its script, optimized for cross-browser, works perfectly on all devices - desktop and mobile. The BetSport sports betting system has been tested for security 5 times and has 100% errors and errors, BetSport sports betting supports automatic payments using: Crypto, Stripe, Skrill, PayPal, Perfect Money and Allmost 500+ CryptoCurrency - Altcoin and Token. BetSport sports betting is suitable for all types of sports betting, such as: football betting, cricket betting, basketball betting, sports forecasts, horse racing betting, car racing betting, hockey, football, tennis, IPL and other local and international sports betting.
Bitcoin Faucet Script Clone
We present to you the long-awaited Clone the faucet script to create your own Freebitcoin-style Bitcoin faucet with a roll and all the features and options of Freebitcoin. Enjoy the new unique dark design
Telegram bot currency exchanger (cryptocurrencies)
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Casino web script + sports betting NULLED online version