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Analyse any Instagram \ TikTok \ YouTube account, sell on social media in just 1 click and discover influencers with the audiences you need. AI powered. Designed for mobile. The results are magical.
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New clients who's often quite new to e-commerce and business promotion on social media keep asking us questions about the use of Persollo. We decided to write an ultra simple guide with all the options you receive once you start using our platform. More details here:
As a platform dealing with businesses and influencers from all over the globe, we want to stress our appreciation of both links of the modern marketing chain. We are extremely excited about our new blog rubric!💫💫💫 Enjoy TOP-10 Influencers on Persollo platform each month at our blog! Here's the first 10 of the most talented instapeople! Read here:
Let's celebrate together! We've got some awesome news for you. Now you can subscribe to use all the capabilities of Persollo platform at a cheaper price. Subscribe for annual billing and pay less!😍👌
Moreover, there are some updates about accounting! As you've asked us, monthly invoices are sent to your mailbox and the whole billing history can be seen by 1 click.
More details here: