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Introducing our carbon-neutral NFT project, Moon Gorillas, in collaboration with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and Facebook Spark AR. Digital gorillas to help real-life gorillas.
#ClimateWeek2021 #WorldGorillaDay
Welcome to the open beta of the Carbon Offset Registry!

You can now offset your #carbonfootprint on the blockchain at in just a few clicks.

Read more to learn how you can get pCO2 to neutralize your carbon emissions:
Meet the first official user of our Carbon Offset Registry: Carbon Creatures, who are releasing 3000 NFTs later this month. pCO2 carbon credits and Carbon Offset Registry supporting the launch of Carbon Creatures NFTs!

Learn more about the unique NFTs and how each sale will remove one tonne of CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere

Read about how to offset your #carbonfootprint on our Registry at and Announcements
In addition to reducing many tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere through, Carbon Creatures is also preparing a surprise for PERL holders. Reply to this post to reserve your spot 👀
Our partner Carbon Creatures are offering PERL members an EXCLUSIVE chance to win 1 of 10 free Creature NFT’s - that fight climate change & support endangered animals.

In addition to the giveaway, PERL holders are also entitled for an EXCLUSIVE 25% off the mint price!
PERL holders pre-sale on Nov 12
Giveaway to be drawn on Nov 15

Whitelist now and the join giveaway!
Presale for our partner Carbon Creature starts in less than 24 hours on Nov 12!
Whitelist now, enjoy exclusive 25% discount and join giveaway

Carbon Creature is on Polygon, backed by actual carbon credits. Most of the funds raised will be used to combat climate change and help endangered animals.
Excited to partner with @CelerNetwork
to enable multi-chain asset bridging!
Bridge $PERL effortlessly between #ETH and #BSC, or provide liquidity in these pools using!
Guide to bridge PERL:
The wait is over!
MoonGorillas Public Sale - May 2

Join MoonGorillas community to learn how to win an airdrop!
Join MoonGorillas community and win rare MoonGorillas!
🌕🦍are coming!
Read more:
MoonGorillas sale is LIVE on Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund's website!
At 12pm EST (in about an hour), the Fossey Fund's Scientist Dr. Robin Morrison will be joining us on the MoonGorilla discord to talk all things gorillas!
Join the AMA and learn more about gorillas and how our MoonGorilla NFTs are helping save real gorillas.