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it's an whole chain of shitty behavior
this is draining me from day one
for the people that i liked, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
i aways want to bring the good in people and i hope you can follow this
we gain nothing from discussing and pointing fingers
something completely unrelated too:
if you are feeling bad, unmotivated, not happy with yourself, go take some time to walk, and you will be better
my life was spent in depression for all almost a third of it
and i want this to happen to no one
just be happy.
fuck, i suck at making memorials
well, I'm leaving, and that's it almost.
at the end I'm human
I'm not perfect
and i don't pretend I'm
if i did something to you, I'm really sorry
if you did something to me, congratulations, you fucking got what you want
that's it then. if i didn't contact you, don't ask people for means of communicating to me.
thanks for everything. bye