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Dear community,

An AMA will take place on October the 2nd with Marouane Benalla, CTO at Peculium.

Marouane will share with you the recent progress regarding BeliEVE and what will await the community as next steps.
Please, prepare your questions.
Introducing our new SAIEVE app!

Today, we announce the most pivotal event of Peculium’s history: the launch of our new savings app. This is quite a significant accomplishment, and we expect it to be true catalyst, both for the industry, and our company.

Success never happens overnight. Patience and persistence are the keys. It is the result of hard work and the intelligent, informed, and risk-balanced corporate decisions we strive to make on a daily basis.

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The savings program will only be available to 1000 customers during the second beta test phase.

Responding to our community request we decided to get a 3'rd pair on Bitmart Exchange: PCL/USDT!

Peculium is extremely proud to release our Newest PCL Token utility!

All you need to know about our Membership levels! You don't want to miss this one 👀

More than a Discount Token...
You can now trade PCL token for USDT on BitMart Exchange: PCL/USDT pair!


For ETH and BTC pairs follow the links:

Hey Folks!

We're working hard to add people to SAIΞVE as fast as we can, but right now you need an invite to sign up. Anyone can get one by joining the waitlist at, or by asking an existing user for one.
To serve our community better, we have decided to roll out our BELIΞVE high-yield savings account according to community member’s contribution and engagement.
We made this decision for a very simple reason: to make our community proud of us and to avoid disappointing you, by mitigating the risk of delay in onboarding (KYC) which could lead to bad user experience and to detrimental reviews with our mailing list of about 40,000 individuals.
We will aim for a cap of 100 weekly registrations. Also, we plan to learn, iterate, and change the schedule based on the data observed. We will manage risk and scale accordingly by testing the technological assessment we have made in terms of scalability.
We really appreciate your patience and can't wait to welcome you in the next batches.
We continue to hear from our community. ChainLink (LINK) is the new crypto asset that received the most votes to be predicted by AIΞVE Engine. It is now LIVE in the SAIΞVE App.

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NEO is NOW available on the #SAIEVE App!

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Our shiny new site is now live. A lot of changes, and we invite you to explore them!

Of course, this is just the beginning, and more amazing benefits and functionalities are still to come. For now, we’ve put together a page that reveals some of the great work we’ve done so far.

So, let’s take a tour of the new website together 👉

If you have any feedback regarding the new website, we would appreciate all the comments from our community.
We have diverse expertise ranging from Blockchain technology, software development, quantitative finance, and algorithmic trading. We are now diversifying ourselves across borders and continents by expanding our presence in countries like the USA, Morocco, Switzerland, etc.

Today, we are very pleased to introduce you to: Leila Moussa, Hamza Aithssayene, Ziyad Mourabiti, Sudharsan Venkataramanan
All are our new enthusiastic additions to PECULIUM as Interns.

For more details and background about our new interns, visit our blog at 👉
What is a Cryptocurrency wallet? We have already integrated MetaMask in SAIΞVE webApp. More to come!


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