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Four short links: 17 December 2019The Essential Guide to Shenzhen (Bunnie Huang) — This book is designed to help non-Mandarin speakers navigate the sprawling electronics markets of Shenzhen. The book is out of print, so Bunnie released it free to download. The Terror Queue (The Verge) — User-submitted content opens the door to damaging material; laws require it to be…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9ad#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
AI is computer science disguised as hard work[embedded content] Roger Magoulas recently sat down with Rob Thomas and Tim O’Reilly to discuss Thomas’s AI framework called the AI Ladder, which, according to his recent paper, is a framework that describes “the increasing levels of analytic sophistication that lead to, and buttress, a thriving AI environment.” Thomas notes both in his paper and…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9ae#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
On an unrelated note, a restless leg syndrome cure that seems to have worked for meI’ve mentioned a few hundred times in the past 11 years or so that I’ve had a hard time sleeping most of my life due to my right leg deciding every night it wants to run a marathon. TL;DR – banana and a glass of water before bed. Took 33 years to get that. All…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9ag#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
Is that a gym in your pocket or are you just disturbingly happy to see me? The activ5We’re going to be covering the activ5 in a few days, planned to today, however due to time constraints, Christmas & New Year timing, and the Nashville Funk, there’s been a change of plans. As such, this will serve as a preview of the activ5 bluetooth isometric strength trainer, and a request for input on…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9ai#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
G Suite SMTP doesn’t work for one userQuick rundown of what we had happen today, learn from my fail. Attempting to set up an HP scan to email we ran into a single username and password in our G Suite/Google Apps org being rejected. TL;DR – SMTP is evidently considered a less secure app. Less secure apps get disabled automatically now if…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9ak#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
Microsoft Surface Pro X Test: Das beste Tablet, das du nicht kaufen solltestDas Microsoft Surface Pro X gehört zu den besten Tablets auf dem Markt. Doch die meisten sollten lieber zu einem anderen greifen. Es bietet ein schickes 13 Zoll Display, ein sehr hochwertiges Design, und mit dem Surface Slim Pen und Tastatur Cover ausgezeichnetes Zubehör. Doch mit ab 1150 Euro ist es sehr teuer. Und anstelle…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9am#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
Pentagon Is Searching for Domestic Drone Options – NextgovThe Defense Department expects to focus on domestically created and funded unmanned aerial systems and counter-unmanned aerial systems in 2020 as part of its ongoing efforts to secure its supply chain. “We see this as developing an ecosystem to have investment in areas that the Department of Defense thinks are particularly critical for providing capabilities…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9an#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
Man was flying drone without permit when it landed on LRT tracks and was hit by a train – The Straits TimesSINGAPORE – A full-time national serviceman was flying a drone near Sengkang LRT station without a proper permit when it ran out of battery power, landed on the tracks and was struck by a train. Fortunately, the incident on Feb 8 last year did not cause any damage to the train and services were not…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9ap#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
François Duvalier an excellent butcher of 30,000-60,000 HaitiansManual for Gorillas: 9 Rules to be the “Fer-pect” Dictator by Juan Rodulfo Manual for Gorillas: 9 Rules to be the “fer-pect” Dictator by Juan Rodulfo Dictators are just like the rest of us (at least, at first). If they’re not born into powerful families, they will likely need to help their families make extra…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9at#Guaripete_Solutions #Juan_Rodulfo_Books #Libros_de_Juan_Rodulfo #Rodulfox
Star Wars the Rise of SkywalkerStar Wars the Rise of Skywalker Star Wars is an American epic space-opera media franchise created by George Lucas, which began with the eponymous 1977 film and quickly became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. The franchise has been expanded into various films and other media, including television series, video games, novels, comic books, theme park attractions…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9aT#Guaripete_Solutions #Juan_Rodulfo_Books #Libros_de_Juan_Rodulfo #Rodulfox
Libro Nuevo: Noche y Otros Poemas Breves de Rodulfo GonzalezNoche y Otros Poemas Breves de Rodulfo Gonzalez El Autor, comparte en esta producción poética entre otros los siguientes poemas: FARO Sea tu luzEl faro prodigiosoDe mis penumbras. NOCHE Luce tan seriaLa noche señorialSu traje negro. TARDE Todos los díasDice, triste, la tarde:¡Hasta mañana! QUEMADURA Quemé mis piesDe tanto desandarPor mil desiertos. Esta Obra Completa…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9aU#Guaripete_Solutions #Juan_Rodulfo_Books #Libros_de_Juan_Rodulfo #Rodulfox
Four short links: 19 December 2019The #1 Bug Predictor is Not Technical; It’s Organizational Complexity — Microsoft Research published a paper in which they developed a new statistical model for predicting whether or not a software module was at risk of having bugs, based on a statistical analysis of the module itself. […] Organizational structure has the highest precision, and…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9bm#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
NiceHash halts repayment programYou might remember tales from Way back in 2017 when a company one night lost $62 million dollars in cryptocurrency. That was Nicehash, they ended up promising to repay their users and have been chugging along for the past couple of years doing just that. The repayment probably was because it appeared at the time…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9bn#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
Bloggity blog blog: I am going to see a Star WarsThe first movie I remember seeing in a theater was Star Wars. It was the only movie I watched with my dad that I can remember. It was playing at a theater in Nashville on Vanderbilt campus and I vaguely remember it being advertised as a comedy on TV. TL;DR – me and Star Wars,…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9bp#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
Got the Cash App or Venmo? Interesting scam going on.I’ve seen this a couple of times now in the past week in various forums I follow, it’s an in person scam and it’s a doozie. Person comes up with a story that doesn’t involve “I need money for xxx” such as “my phone’s dead, I need to message my wife to pick me up…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9br#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
V-Coptr Falcon 4K camera drone gets 50-minute flight time with just two rotors – CNETThe V-Coptr Falcon breaks drone flight-time barriers. Joshua Goldman/CNET Ask anyone who owns a camera drone what their main gripe is and the answer is likely short flight times. Drone maker Zero Zero Robotics says its upcoming V-Coptr Falcon will blow past industry standards by staying in the air for up to 50 minutes. And…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9bt#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
Drone alone 2 – the unexpected benefits – DiginomicaDrones are an economic opportunity. In 2018, PwC published a report called Skies Without Limits: Drones Taking the UK’s Economy to New Heights. In it, the professional services giant predicted that by 2030 there would be a £42 billion increase in UK GDP and £16 billion in net savings from 76,000 commercial drones operating in…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9bv#Tech_News #Technology_Latest_News
What is Funko Pop VinylWhat are Funko Pop Dolls Funko Inc. is an American company that manufactures licensed pop culture collectibles, best known for its licensed vinyl figurines and bobbleheads. In addition, the company produces licensed plush, action figures, and electronic items such as USB drives, lamps, and headphones. Founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, Funko was originally conceived…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9bA#Guaripete_Solutions #Juan_Rodulfo_Books #Libros_de_Juan_Rodulfo #Rodulfox
New Book: Why you must Play the LotteryWhy you must Play the Lottery by Juan Rodulfo The first recorded signs of a lottery are keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. These lotteries are believed to have helped to finance major government projects like the Great Wall of China. From the Chinese “The Book of Songs” (2nd…https://wp.me/p86z3Y-9c0#Guaripete_Solutions #Juan_Rodulfo_Books #Libros_de_Juan_Rodulfo #Rodulfox
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