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This channel will cover the journalistic activities of Independent Journalist Patrick Lancaster currently Reporting In the Donetsk People's Republic covering the Ukraine War in the English language
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⚡️ #Breaking⚡️#Russia Moves Troops Away From Ukraine As Putin To Decide On Recognition Of The #Ukraine Breakaway #DPR & #LPR
As Russia has begun to withdraw troops from near the #Ukraine border (As exercises are OVER) I think today is the start f de-escalation of tensions between #Russia and the West.I am putting together a special report from #Donetsk on this now
"Units of the Southern and Western military districts that have completed their tasks have already begun loading onto rail and road transport and will begin moving to their military garrisons today. Separate units will march on their own as part of military columns.- Russian-Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov
All so In this report, I cover how today #Russian Duma asks Putin to Recognize the anti #Ukraine #Donetsk & #Lugansk Republics as an independent countries from Ukraine.
"An Appeal to the President of #Russia on the need to recognize the DPR and LPR will be sent immediately. The (Ru Duma) deputies believe that the recognition of the DPR & LPR will create grounds for ensuring security guarantees and protecting the inhabitants of the republics from external threats, as well as for strengthening international peace and regional stability." - Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Viacheslav Volodin
⚡️⚡️In less then an hour I am going live with Alex Jones "Info Wars" to talk about the situation in Donbass
⚡️⚡️In less than an hour I am going live with Alex Jones "#InfoWars" to talk about the situation in #Donbass and the #Ukraine War
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🇺🇦🇷🇺 Ukraine deployed more than 20 tanks near the village of Podlesnoye near the line of contact in the Donbass — People's Militia of the LPR
⚡️📣 #BREAKING⚡️📣 ❗️"Putin took note of the State Duma's appeal to recognize the #Ukraine Break away #DPR and #LPR, but such recognition does not correlate with the #Minsk agreements" Dmitry Peskov
Kremlin Press Secretary said
⚡️📣Patrick Lancaster has reached a massive amount of people in the west as a special guest on "INFOWARS" With Alex Jones discussing how Ukraine targets civilian areas and infrastructure, how Ukraine has been using west-supplied weapons for a long time, and how the USA has been fabricating lies about Russia just to push their anti-Russian agenda.⚡️📣
Patrick said
"I have made thousands of reports showing that Ukraine has indiscriminately shelled civilian neighborhoods and homes. I have seen this with my own eyes. I have proved over and over and that Ukraine shells civilian areas with no interest in how it affects the civilian population. I have interviewed so many people that say they just want peace and to be part of Russia."
"The people of Donbass held a referendum to break away from Ukraine and Ukraine punished them for it."
"Almost every year the west tries to blame Russia for creating a possible escalation of this conflict when in reality it is Ukraine forces that do not follow the Minsk agreements" and "On a daily or weekly basis Ukraine continues to attack the civilian population and infrastructure."
"The Residents of the republic hope Russia will recognize them"
"Less then 2 weeks ago Ukraine target a civilian substation with western supplied weapons"
"The residents here are afraid of what Ukraine is going to do with their new western supplied weapons."
Excuse me for writing in the third person but I thought it would get the point across better.
I will continue as I always have to push, to the west, the truth of what Ukraine is really doing in Donbass
#BREAKING Ukraine has fired 15 AGS grenades on the village of n.p. Zaitsevo
Child: Daddy what did you do in the war?
Father: I waited for Russia to invade Ukraine for 15 years and then I retired.
⚡️📣#Breaking⚡️The DPR has been under fire by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since early morning.

The DPR has report that Ukraine force fired automatic AGS grenades at Kominternovo, Oktyabr, and Petrivske in the South and also firing 120mm at Donetsk Petrovsky district.
⚡️📣#Breaking⚡️The anti Ukraine LPR reports many attacks by the UA forces over last 2 hours. ⚡️📣#Breaking⚡️In total, about 100 arrivals of ammunition of various calibers are recorded. Ranging from small arms to 120mm mortars
⚡️#Breaking #Donetsk #DPR reports another attack that Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire with 120 mm mortars on the village and or area of Novolaspa (DPR). #UkraineCrisis #RussiaUkraineCrisis
#Breaking. Anti Ukraine gov forces have announced a "retaliatory" Attack on #Ukraine forces
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💥#Breaking Hearing explosions💣💥 from center Donetsk near the Ukraine War frontline. #BreakingNews Update from #Donetsk. #Russia #UkraineCrisis #UkraineWar
⚡️❗️#Breaking Anti #Ukraine gov #DPR report a civilian injured by Ukraine shelling near #Donetsk: "Shrapnel wounds in Staromikhailivka were received by a civilian born in 1984. "
⚡️📣#Breaking⚡️Seems Tomorrow the Anti Ukraine Government of the #Donetsk #DPR is evacuating many of the villages on/near the frontline. This is huge. As I know this has never happened in the 8 years of the #Ukraine war. #UkraineCrisis #Russia #BREAKINGNEWS update from Donetsk!!
⚡️📣#Breaking⚡️ Some residents of the frontline villages(that are to be evacuating tomorrow) In anti #Ukraine Gov #DPR are in shock & unsure if they will evacuate. Like Daria & her 5yo child in Aleksandrovka, 300 meters from Ukrainian positions, told"Донбасс решает"
⚡️ #BREAKING Anti #Ukraine Government #DPR report that for the 3rd time today "The Armed Forces of Ukraine have resumed shelling of the Yelenovka settlement."
⚡️📣#Breaking⚡️Now head of the frontline village of Aleksandrovka Konstantin Chaly is denying(as reported by DAN Media DPR) an evacuation has been planned. "Everything is in normal mode"A planned evacuation of frontline villages had been reported by many DPR media outlets. Something seems funny
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⚡️📣#Breaking⚡️"Svetlana was injured on her way home from work. The village of Staromikhaylovka came under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine from AGS-17.

A VOG-25 exploded in front of a woman's face, after the explosion she woke up already in the hospital" As reported by Репортёр Руденко