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This channel will cover the journalistic activities of Independent Journalist Patrick Lancaster currently Reporting In the Donetsk People's Republic covering the Ukraine War in the English language
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We are caught in a Rocket attack in Belgorod and help the mothers and toddlers take shelter as rockets rain above us. What strikes me more than all is the calmness and bravery of the mothers. more detailed report later. Follow our work @
⚡️🔥 Breaking Reports circulating of an attack deep inside Russia with USA weapons "Information is received that the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Rostov with the help of ATACAMS in Rostov-on-Don"
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🤫🧚🦗Found some Cicada bugs in China to eat(interesting experience). We got alot of important reports and films coming from China soon
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🇺🇦🇷🇺❗️ The radiation control post of Zaporizhia NPP was completely destroyed after artillery shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Radiation monitoring of the environment is carried out using such points
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⚡️📣Head of Chechnya Republic: Kadyrov has called for punishing the entire family of terrorists with blood feud.“ We will kill everyone - father, brother, uncle,”
“ If the suspect is connected, his entire family must be punished, and the one who encroaches on the policeman’s brother must understand that through blood feud we will kill everyone - father, brother, uncle. Excuses like “I didn’t know” will not be accepted. How is it that you don’t know where your children are? Always, at any time, I know where each of my children is.”
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🇨🇳 🇺🇸 What’s the real size of China’s economy? | Asia Times

Consider production:

Electricity: China = 2x USA
Automobiles: 3x
Steel: 12x
Cement: 22x
Shipbuilding: 270x

On the consumption side:

Luxury goods: China = 2x USA
Smartphones: 3x

In EV sales,

China = 6x USA

The author points out that services are often ignored or undervalued by the Chinese government.

However, services are a big part of China’s economy now.

📎 S.L. Kanthan A must watch video that shows you the size, diversity, magnitude and unity of the Russian federation, all present at the Moscow expo. So this is where I take you for a mini tour of Russia, as everyone I interview sends their love to the world. Subscribe to quality independent reporting @CafeRevolution
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🇷🇺 🇺🇸 Russian Foreign Minister warns the United States.

"Ukrainian missiles don't fly without direct guidance from the US. You will watch the Russian response in the foreseeable future."
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Trump suggested that Biden take mental ability testing together .

“Joe needs to take an intelligence test immediately, I will take it (the test) with him. For the first time, he and I will be on the same team."
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💢 Full clip of the assassination attempt on President Trump

1) Shots fired on trump
2) Secret Service sniper returns fire
3) “Shooter is down!”
4) Trump stands up and asks to get his shoes
5) Trump pumps his fist and says "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Truly unreal.

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🇺🇸 Biden Says He’d Consider Dropping Out if a ‘Medical Condition’ Emerged - The New York Times

US President Biden said in an interview released on Wednesday that he would re-evaluate whether to stay in the presidential race if a doctor told him directly that he had a medical condition that made that necessary.

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Fighting For What Is Right - Aiden Minnis

Before he deployed to his frontline Assault Brigade, I met with Aiden Minnis near his camp to understand not only why he joined the Russian Army, but the consequences it has had, his experience and what advice he has for others thinking of doing the same.

Aiden is fully aware of the evil the UK government is capable of, being of Irish descent, his ancestors were victims of England's crimes of brutality and genocide. Today, Aiden and his family have been vilified and persecuted in England following his decision to do what he describes as "righteous" and "The Lords work".

Aiden is not alone, but he is one of the first of a large and increasing number of not only British but people from numerous other Western nations making the difficult and sometimes dangerous journey to Russia to fight for what they believe is right and against what they believe is a global satanical, tyrannical elite that is waging war not only against Russia, but against western citizens and their societies as a whole.

Full length EN Interview:

With RU Subs:
This is probably the most important video I made since I arrived in Donetsk. Please share it with everyone you know. Here is a shocking and disturbing testimony of what Ukraine troops are doing to civilians. War Crimes a mild description to what this woman who escaped the clutches of Ukraine horror , shares with us, Subscribe