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Tomorrow, learn how to get free from fear addiction. It's a thing. Dr. Mark McDonald, MD has a new book, Freedom From Fear, inspired by the 12 Steps of AA and Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life. On The Patrick Coffin Show.
Tomorrow, we revisit infiltration of the Vatican by masonic moles, since the early 60s, with guest, insider Monsignor Charles Murr on The Patrick Coffin Show.
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Tomorrow, self-suspended Father James Mawdsley on why and how we must fight Church corruption, filmed before a live audience, on The Patrick Coffin Show.

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Father James Mawdsley has a history of fighting abuses, which, much earlier, earned him jail time and torture in a Burmese prison. Learn how to fight Church corruption in this new episode of The Patrick Coffin Show, filmed before a live audience.
Tomorrow, we re-release our interview with Janet Smith on the Roman attack on the traditional Latin Mass.

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Tomorrow, podcaster and author Tim Gordon and I talk about the ongoing battle in this life against anxiety. Don’t miss it. On the Patrick Coffin Show.
Are you a worry wart or otherwise prone to anxiety? If anything close to yes, don’t miss this very personal conversation with author podcaster Timothy Gordon (@timotheeology) and I on how to beat anxiety. On the Patrick Coffin Show.
Tomorrow I focus on the main evidence that Benedict XVI is still Pope. PS: It’s not what you think.
Tomorrow, we go back to the future with Dr. Naomi Wolf. Think the scamdemic is over, eh? Find out what the cabal has in mind for you, on The Patrick Coffin Show. Will you fight now?
Tomorrow, I'm dropping a compressed version of my February 10, 2022 video on the evidence that Benedict XVI is still the true pope. This one focuses on the (misnamed) Declaratio document of Feb 11/2013, and why it proves he did not resign the munus or office of the papacy.
Here in monologue form on The Patrick Coffin Show, I present the key piece of evidence that Benedict XVI deliberately did not resign the office of the papacy but created an impeded See. What he could not fix, he exposed. Ad multos annos, Holy Father!