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Passive (PASV) token starts trading at #bitexova on 21th May 12:00 PM (GMT) #PASV #passivetoken #cryptocurrency
We are proud of our agreement with Europe's growing stock market. On 21.05.2022, we made an agreement with the BitexOva exchange, which added many new projects to its structure. And we are making our first listing on 21.05.2022. We are moving towards big goals! #PASV #bitexova
PASV Coin IS LISTED ON THE EXCHANGE. We took our place in the metaverse world! You can make your Buying and Selling at
🤝🏙Hello Dear Investors, We are happy to give you the Happy News. Today, we have received a 40 Million Dollars Fund from Meta Company, formerly Facebook with its new name, in other words, we have received a large Investment. We want you to know that we will make good use of this resource. ''The Future Is Coming Soon. We would like to thank Mark Zuckerberg and his team for supporting us. We made our first exchange listing on You can use the Exchange to Buy PASV Tokens.
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