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with the Florida Constitution
Article 1 Section 23
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Google and YouTube removed all search results about The Florida Convoy Crimes Against Humanity Tour

The enslavement began with the global electronic communication platforms.

Now you can not find more details in Google "Florida Convoy Crimes". Because Google and YouTube is filtering this information from being found. Big Tech Censorship must end now.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Washington D.C.
White Flag of Truce

Section 12.4
Section 12.5

U.S. Law of War

Google: "white flag of truce to initiate negotiations"

Legal Code

12.4.1 Meaning of the White Flag a Desire to Communicate

As a legal matter, the white flag, when used by military forces, indicates a desire to communicate with the enemy. The hosting of a white flag has no other legal meaning in the law of war.

U.S. Army 1956 Law of War Field Manual (1956 FM 27-10 Change No. 1 1976)

U.S. Army Law of War Manual PDF
Jeremy Brown
Candidate for Florida House 2022

Most likely a Write-in Candidate. Jeremy is still a J6 Political Prisoner in custody.

The Florida Convoy Roundtable is meeting today at 12:00 Noon.

We are in support of Jeremy Brown.
Weekly Roundtable
Florida State Capitol

Every Monday
12:00 Noon
New York time

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The weekly roundtables are part of the Defend Florida Podcast series and the Liberty First Studio.
What is the White Flag of Truce?
Forwarded from US Liberty Alliance
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Crimes Against Humanity 400 Officials Will Target COVID Criminals

Stew Peters with Dr. Reiner Fulmich.

Military Chief Officer Whistleblower Danny Terminal, CWO on Military Deaths

James Topp, Canadians March for Freedom
Forwarded from No Agenda Ghetto
Public Record.pdf
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Public Record

Crimes Against Humanity in this Court of Record.
Forwarded from No Agenda Ghetto
Declaration in Support of Motion Re Disqualification of Judicial Officer Pursuant to C.C.P. 170.6 in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange

Page 45
Forwarded from The Cause
Standing on the Law of the Land Looking to restore the Republic of Florida

Ann Vandersteel
Florida Senate Bill
SB 252

Florida Banning Mask Mandates and Vaccine Mandates
A binding Oath.

Oath of Office

No Google results for "bound by oath to this constitution"

Loy Brunson

Article VI Supreme Law
Clause 3 Oaths of Office

"shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation to support this Constitution"
Forwarded from No Agenda Ghetto
Information from Rebecca Baer at Capitol Update the Florida Channel. The Florida court system is linked to medical freedom. Get a microscopic tag implanted in their body today so you can digitally view their driving habits and their entire digital footprint.

The Florida Channel
Hernando County School District

Governor Ron DeSantis

Signing of SB 262 Technology Transparency
June 6, 2023

on The Florida Channel
Digital Bill of Rights

Governor Ron DeSantis

Signing of SB 262 Technology Transparency
June 6, 2023

on The Florida Channel

Florida Digital Bill of Rights

Signed into Florida Statute
June 6, 2023

July 1, 2023

Florida Statute
501.705 Consumer Rights
Forwarded from Defending the Republic
Prescribe Freedom: Protecting Floridians from the Biomedical Security State

Permanent Protections Against the Biomedical Security State

Florida is the land of sanity. Dr. Joseph Ladapo

Streamed on January 17, 2023

Ron DeSantis
on Rumble

The Free State of Florida
Forwarded from No Agenda Ghetto
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Florida Statute

Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 262

July 1, 2023
There are 185 results for the word "quarantine" on the books at and immediately F.S. 381.00315 and F.S. 810.09, which reminds me of Rosa Parks violating Chapter 6 Section 11 Montgomery Alabama city code in 1955. The Montgomery bus ordinance for violating failure to obey the bus driver's seat assignments.

Lt. D.H. Lackey was the arresting officer.