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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖

PARSIQ CEO Tom Tirman returns this Thursday for his bi-weekly AMA with special guest Daniil Romazanov.

Daniil is the Product Owner for the PARSIQ monitoring platform and he's excited to answer your questions 👏

Can’t make it? Tag @rossicrypt with your questions and he will post them for you. Or, post them to our reddit page and we'll make sure they are included.

Nov 18, 3PM UTC

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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖

T-minus 1 HR until today’s AMA with CEO Tom Tirman and Daniil Romazanov.

Daniil is the Product Owner for the monitoring platform, so now is the time to get your product specific questions ready!

See everyone soon 😎

Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🧠

Are you ready to rock Round 5 of #RiddleMePARSIQ?

Today’s answer may require a slightly higher IQ than normal.

Why is that?

It’s all about IQ Protocol, which provides a framework for subscription-based services and risk-free collateral-less loans in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry.

#RiddleMePARSIQ Round 5

With November almost over, it won’t be too long before we hand out 10,000 $PRQ in prizes to the top 10 riddle masters! 🧙‍♂️

Need some extra karma heading into the weekend? 🙏

Join the IQ Protocol community and announcement channel on telegram and follow IQ Protocol on Twitter.
Greetings PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🎨

Time to get your creative juices flowing and unleash your inner meme master to win your share of 3000 $PRQ!

Introducing the ‘PARSIQ + IQ Protocol Meme Contest’!

Whether you’ve never made a meme before or you’re a meme making machine, we’re looking to you for LOTS of submissions.

Feel free to blow our minds!!! 🤯

There are 2 categories to choose from, PARSIQ memes & IQ Protocol memes.

For full contest rules, entry details and access to PARSIQ/IQ graphics, please visit the Meme Contest Page.

Submissions will first be judged by the PARSIQ community managers + PARSIQ team, with the final and deciding vote being left up to the community! 🙌

What are the prizes?

PARSIQ Meme awards

1st place: 500 PRQ
2nd place: 300 PRQ
3rd place: 200 PRQ
5 runners up: 100 PRQ each

IQ Protocol Meme awards

1st place: 500 PRQ
2nd place: 300 PRQ
3rd place: 200 PRQ
5 runners up: 100 PRQ each

Have more questions? Feel free to tag @octopuswild and ask away.

Good luck everyone!
Greetings PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🚀

We promised a strong end to the month, it’s time to deliver!

Today, PARSIQ is pleased to announce a partnership with Clearpool.

Clearpool is a decentralized capital markets ecosystem whose aim is to combine the power and stability of traditional capital markets with the benefits and transparency of decentralization.

By employing PARSIQ’s technology, Clearpool enables their users to take advantage of information vital to their decision making processes.

Tom Tirman, PARSIQ/IQ Labs CEO said “We are excited to be supporting and working with the Clearpool team. Clearpool is an example of a perfect symbiosis between CeFi and DeFi that will help propel mass adoption for blockchain-based financial markets. Clearpool Finance allows institutional capital to enter into the decentralized crypto space, while maintaining most of the advantages of traditional markets.`

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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🚀

Two days, two announcements! Is there a pattern developing here? 🤔

We are pleased to announce our latest integration with OpenSea!

OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace for all kinds of digital assets — not just images.

There are also collectibles, in-game items, domain names, and even digital versions of real world assets. NFTs are unique, tradeable, and can be used across multiple platforms.

Where does PARSIQ fit in?

With this integration, PARSIQ now allows users to create Smart Triggers to monitor both collections and selected NFTs.

Keeping track of your assets in a secure way is becoming more and more a necessity everyday. This need will only continue to increase as, for example, NFT use cases grow.
All of the documentation and code for how to use our OpenSea API Wrapper is available now. Go and take a look to see what’s possible!

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01101000 01101001, PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🤖

Are you game for another announcement?

Today, we are pleased to announce PARSIQ is entering a Strategic Partnership with Starbots! 🚀

Starbots is a game based on the Solana blockchain. It is the first-ever playable robot battle, NFT game where players gain GEAR tokens as they play and interact with other players. The tokens are earned in various ways, for instance, by strategically assembling their own robots, by winning battles, by completing missions, or by conquering new lands.

We look forward to integrating PARSIQ technology into their platform, and onboarding them onto IQ Protocol. And not only that! We are especially excited to infuse our NFT renting capabilities for an enhanced gaming experience for all players. 🔥

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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🧠

Round 6 of #RiddleMePARSIQ is here. 300 IQ required!

Today’s article goes in-depth about IQ Protocol’s innovative Subscription as a Service (SaaS) model. This solution enables companies across all industries to tokenize their product/service for consumption on-chain.

Do you have what it takes to find the answer?

Take me to the riddle

We are getting so close to the end of the campaign. Keep watching this space for your chance to win your share of the 10,000 $PRQ! 🧙‍♂️
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖

PARSIQ recently teamed up with Gitcoin on their ‘Defi & Cross-Chain Interoperability Hackathon’, and we were very encouraged by the results!

Teams from all over the world participated to come up with new and innovative ways to leverage PARSIQ’s monitoring solutions. Amongst the winners was a submission from Pfed-prog, who submitted an entry of tracking CryptoPunks.

With creative thinking and application of those thoughts using PARSIQ’s platform, an easy to use solution now exists where CryptoPunks activity can be easily followed and tracked on the blockchain, in real-time – all without any active engagement from the interested parties!

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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🧠

Round 7 of #RiddleMePARSIQ has arrived! It’s almost time to declare some winners, almost…

Today’s article is all about IQ Protocol for crypto companies. Find out why IQ Protocol provides the ultimate “plug and play” tokenomics model for companies in the crypto space.

As always, it’s important to pay close attention while you’re reading the blog.

Take me to the riddle

We are getting so close to the end of the campaign. Make sure you answer all of the riddles to qualify for your chance to win your share of the 10,000 $PRQ! 🧙‍♂️

Want some extra riddle hype?

Round 8 will be a little bit more special, stay tuned for details. 😎
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🚀

IQ Protocol is excited to announce an integration with Radom Network 🙌

Radom Network is a decentralized service discovery and security solution for network management, remote IoT device configuration, and cloud server identity management. Radom is the first remote configuration platform built on existing public blockchain technology, facilitating payment routing, leasing, and public key exchange.

Thanks to IQ Protocol, Radom will provide their users the ability to borrow Radom tokens from the liquidity pool—provided by ‘lenders’— to be utilised for the provisioning of assets. Radom will be taking advantage of the innovative circular economy model made possible by IQ Protocol.

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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🤖

After announcing a strategic partnership with Starbots last week, it’s time for the community to get to know them a bit better!

We’ll be hosting a LIVE telegram AMA tomorrow, November 30 12PM UTC, with Hong Nguyen, Head of Marketing and Communications at Starbots.

Please come armed with some questions!

The AMA will be hosted in our PARSIQ community telegram channel:

See you there!
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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🚀

PARSIQ brings its Real Time Monitoring Solutions to the Polygon Network.

With PARSIQ’s technology launching on Polygon, users can now monitor the Polygon Ecosystem, with all it has to offer. This integration will further boost the Polygon Ecosystem by allowing 100+ projects to collect their on-chain data in real time, without the need for their own infrastructure.

PARSIQ’s plans with the Polygon Ecosystem do not end here.

As PARSIQ expands, so too will the abilities they afford users in the ecosystem. With IQ Protocol alongside its integration with Polygon, PARSIQ will power the tokenomics of many great Polygon-based projects to come!

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Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🧠

For those of you that have been playing along, you may recall that #RiddleMePARSIQ is set to end tomorrow.

Hopefully you’ve had some fun learning all about PARSIQ and IQ Protocol over the last several weeks.

Now, it’s time to get serious!

10,000 $PRQ will be awarded TOMORROW. 🤯

How can you win?

1. Be one of the first 10 people to answer the final riddle
2. You must have answered all 7 previous riddles correctly

Want to know a secret?

Only 48 people have answered the previous 7 riddles correctly. If you are one of them, statistically speaking, you have a good shot at winning a prize!

There is a catch! The final round will be played a little bit differently. It will provide you with more of a challenge, so be prepared!

How will it work?

Visit the PARSIQ twitter feed at 1PM UTC for your first clue!

The final riddle will be revealed at 3:30PM UTC, however, reading the tweet will give you an advantage...

Good luck everyone! 🙌
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🤖


Please come armed with some questions!

The AMA will be hosted in our PARSIQ community telegram channel:
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🧠

The final blog of #RiddleMePARSIQ is now live! The answer box will appear momentarily 👀

Hopefully you took advantage of the head start earlier today...

Today, we talk about the IQ Protocol for NFT Renting!

IQ Protocol is a lending and borrowing protocol that offers the first risk-free and collateral-less solution in the DeFi industry. Under the context of NFTs, this means that IQ provides the capability to create NFT “renting pools” – digital spaces which will allow participants to lend and rent NFTs – such as avatars, wearables/skins, and in the world of online gaming, in-game assets like weapons, property, or other valuables.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Take me to IQ Protocol for NFT Renting
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🧠

It’s official, #RiddleMePARSIQ has come to a close.

Congratulations to the 10 winners of 1,000 $PRQ 🏆

As a bonus, we also decided to give 100 PRQ to the next 4 fastest. 🙌

All of the winners will be notified via e-mail. Thank you so much to everyone that played. Stay tuned for more fun PARSIQ promos! 😀

See the final leaderboard
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖

You may remember we announced a partnership with Clearpool just last week!

This week, we’re pleased to announce we will be hosting an AMA to help introduce one of our newest partners to the community.

CEO and co-founder of Clearpool, Robert Alcorn, will be coming by for a visit Thursday, December 2 at 4PM UTC.

Please join us in and come with any questions you may have.

See you soon!
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖

🚨: Reminder: LIVE AMA in the Community Telegram with CEO and co-founder of Clearpool, Robert Alcorn, will begin in one hour at 4PM UTC.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Your questions are appreciated. 🙌
Hello PRQrew and Qties! 🖖🚀

We are consistently blown away by the dedication and support from our community. You don’t have to be here, you choose to be — and that means a lot! A sincere THANK YOU from everyone on our team.

Today, we are excited to announce a 2nd round for SWARM and introduce you to some of PARSIQs new hires.

Second round of SWARM

We’re looking for new members!

The goal of SWARM is to foster community expansion, despite the barriers of geography and language; as well as recognize and reward our community full of unique, talented individuals.

Interested? Read the blog below to find out more!

Fact: 3 people from SWARM Round 1 now work at PARSIQ 😎

Speaking of the team, it has grown a lot lately, and we're all working non-stop to help grow the products and community. Our new hires all bring their unique experience and skills to an already impressive team!

While we wait for some more exciting news to drop, please welcome all of the new members to our team 👋

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