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#RGB is coming!

We are finalising the RGB Core library and will be glad to see everyone today, at 5pm CET to overview RGB architecture, core pillars and functionality.

Join us!

Agenda board:
New Rust Lightning Node is coming! The Dashboard with issues that we will cover over this weekend at #LightningHacksprint:

Join and let's have fun!
#RGB time is soon! 🔥🥳
Join our call today and learn about:
- RGB integration (with wallets, exchanges etc)
- LN-based P2P protocols and their use cases
Check the slides

5pm CET (in 5.5h/33 blocks)
First public version of Bitcoin Pro v0.1 has been released

RGB asset issuance tool Bitcoin Pro has been publicly released in the version of 0.1. Main changes from pre-release builds:
• Extended public key and BIP32 derivation path management
• Defining read-only descriptors and UTXO lookup
• RGB20 asset issuance

Do ‘cargo install bitcoin pro’ and run it with ‘bitcoin pro’ command on UNIX, Windows or MacOS.

Source code:
Release notes:
Shoutout to Android devs!

Want to build new & shiny products with #Android declarative UI programming using Jetpack Compose?
We’re looking for porting @mycitadel_io wallet from SwiftUI to it (UI only, all business logic is in rust anyway). If you want in - drop a message to @dr_ukolova and let’s get it rolling 😏🔥
Citadel SDK v0.1 release

This is first public release of Citadel SDK, which can be used to simplify RGB integration into software wallets. Currently it includes:

Citadel Runtime library (you will probably not need to use this directly):

CitadelKit: Swift framework for development on Apple platforms (

libcitadel: C library for use from other languages (

Grab binaries and start playing with RGB in your wallets! For sample code you may like to check MyCitadel App using the same Citadel SDK: – or contact us to get into early testers program if you have iOS devices at hand

We will continue working on advancing Citadel SDK further and adding Androind and other languages to it. node just got upgraded to support #Taproot with @lnp_bp edition of the Bitcoin Core 0.21.1
Forwarded from LNP/BP
A new #Rust 🦀 library contributed to LNP/BP Association by @dr_orlovsky & @pandoracore: amplify_syn.

If you an expirienced rust developer you probably tried to create derivation macros and know how many boilerplate code you have to write in this case, even when you use such modern libraries like syn.

Our new amplify_syn library solves this problem and allows you to construct requirements for derivation macro attributes with ease. Check out docs at and see a sample on how this library can be used. We spent a lot of effort documenting each part of it and making whole code readable and simple to understand.

While this library is not directly related to bitcoin ecosystem, it is of big importance for speeding up further LNP/BP development and simplifying existing codebase in rust-bitcoin, LNP and RGB implementations.
Happy to contribute to the ongoing Bitcoin development and Taproot implementation
Forwarded from LNP/BP
Rust bitcoin library new release (v0.26.2)

A new rust implementation of main bitcoin privitives has been released yesterday, containing many contributions from LNP/BP Standards Association and Dr Maxim Orlovsky providing initial support for Schnorr keys and signatures. The release contains more that 24 pull requests merged during past six month, including new WitnessVersion type, new public key constructors, PSBT improvements and many other small fixes and additions to the library.

This version does not contain any API breaking changes so can be easily adopted. The next, v0.27 release is work in progress and will contain API-breaking changes required for Taproot support.

Tou can read more on rust bitcoin implementation and dev docs at
Pandora Core AG had completed first reference implementation of AluVM – pure-functional portable virtual machine for smart contracts, deterministic machine learning, distributed computing – and contributed it to LNP/BP Standards Association as a MIT-licensed opensource. Please read the announce:
Forwarded from LNP/BP
Initial release of AluVM implementation (v0.3.0)

A month ago we introduced concept of AluVM: pure functional, highly-portable RISC virtual machine for client-side-validated smart contracts, LN, deterministic distributed & edge coputing. Today, we glad to announce its first fully-functioning release! It still lacks arithmetics on rarely-used/domain-specific float types (BFloat16, IEEE binary256, 512-bit tapered float) and advanced bytestring operations – and the test coverage is not fully completed – but otherwise it is the first version that may be tried in the wild to run deterministic programs.

You can see an example of AluVM assembly program, compile and run it here:

This AluVM release includes:
- Complete & detailed API docs (
- Assembly language (AluAsm) and assembler (implemented as rust-based domain-specific language)
- Library format & Bech32m-based library ids, committing to the library source code (like `alu1wnhusevxmdphv3dh8ada44k0xw66ahq9nzhkv39z07hmudhp380sq0dtml`)
- Complete instruction set architecture (ALU)
- Support for instruction set (ISA) extensions
- ISA extensions for cryptographic operations (hashes, Secp256k1 curve operations)
- Binary bytecode encoding format
- Disassembler functionality
- Separation of code, data & library references segments
- Detailed debug output information with registers and code execution inspection
- Cycle & code complexity counters and bounded execution conditions

Source code:
Release announcement:
Library crate:
API docs:
Original AluVM presentation: video, slides, audio
And here is the first program running on it
📦 First version of AluAsm – assembler & linker toolchain for #AluVM is released; check

The repository contains assembler compiler and library linker, fully written in Rust 🦀. They do a detailed error reporting and explanations on how they can be fixed.