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You’ve journeyed alongside us for an intense two years, navigating the murky waters of the Covid-19 pandemic response, for which we are so grateful. Thank you for your support, your ideas, for amplifying our content, and for engaging in the most critical conversations the world is facing.

Your voice matters.

Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished so far, and we couldn’t have done it without you! For over two years, PANDA has: 
📌Hosted over 70+ Open Science & Society Sessions - bringing multi-disciplinary insights, debate and sense-making, and pursuing deeper knowledge across fields that impact society
📌Published more than 100 expert articles in 2022 alone - broadening the world’s understanding of what lies beneath the absurdities happening in our world
📌Launched PANDA Uncut Substack - beating censorship and facilitating rigorous conversations 
📌Supported and initiated multiple initiatives - including the global Physicians Accountability campaign, Deafening Silencing censorship and the WHO campaign aiming to raise awareness and give you a chance to take action.

Looking ahead, PANDA’s primary focus for 2023 will be to deliver deeper insights and recommendations regarding the drivers of the global technocratic power grab. This work will benefit and support our network organisations, friendly media, journalists, influencers, the expanding list of approachable policymakers, and those taking legal action. 
Specific areas of focus will include:
• The corporatised pandemic preparedness agenda 
• The politics of narrative control, media manipulation and censorship
• The centralisation of economic policies and financial control
Technologies of mass surveillance and digital identity
• The cultural shifts and corresponding philosophical underpinnings of the technocratic mindset.

To keep the conversation open, you can support our work with a donation.

Thank you for being part of the solution in our world. 
🎄Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With gratitude, 
🚨 Finally: A comprehensive press release of leaked video from the Israeli MOH zoom meeting with links to the full Israeleak video, the PECC English meeting with Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz explaining the leaked tapes, as well as relevant time stamps of the video.
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Public Health was founded on principles that ultimately support human relationships and improve quality of life. The Covid response abandoned those ideals, and the resulting cost, as shown by the World Bank, is clear.

Who is accountable?

Following the success of the 'Censorship Killed Millions' event, Nick Hudson and Neil Oliver are hosting a Twitter Space THIS Sunday, 22 Jan, at 8 pm GMT.

Set your alert and join us for a conversation of global significance:

The University of Johannesburg's student agreement for 2023 includes yet another reminder that students may be subjected to its draconian mandatory vaccination policy at a moment's notice.

Help Universities Alliance put a stop to tertiary totalitarianism:
Sign their memorandum here
This tongue-in-cheek take from PANDA's David Bell provides a concise alt-view of the pandemic perversion. A must-read.
🔥Joining Neil Oliver and Nick Hudson to unpack the pandemic preparedness agenda TOMORROW 22 January:
Dr David Bell, Dr Meryl Nass, Dr Kat Lindley, Prof Retsef Levi, James Roguski and more.

"A major concern is that [the WHO's infodemic research agenda] lacks earnest discussion on where health authorities’ own choices and guidelines contribute to ‘misinformation’, ‘disinformation’ and even ‘malinformation’."

Dr Travis Noakes writes about his article in collaboration with PANDA's Dr David Bell and Prof Tim Noakes.
In this PANDA Open Science Session, Hugh McCarthy presents evidence of the unprecedented harm inflicted on children, questioning the validity and whether the restrictive policies were ever necessary.

Can we allow this to happen again?

"We believe that we must record as much as possible of what went on for posterity, hoping that the catastrophic mistakes are not repeated in future. In this way, the suffering will not have been in vain." ~ Prof Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson
Please note this message from Jessica Rose
“When an organ within the body of society becomes thus corrupted and proves itself unwilling to reform, society must excise the diseased tissue before it spreads.”
Forwarded from Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
"Biomedical Security State, British Edition."
In Orwell's country of origin, Big Brother is Always Watching. The latest revelation of government intelligence agencies spying on and censoring their own citizens for public health wrongthink.

Join @AaronKheriaty
- Sunday 5 Feb, 8pm UK time

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