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Phalke developed various skills like drawing, sculpting, painting and photography. This led him to a job as an artist in Baroda and subsequently as a photographer in Godhra. He also staged multiple shows of magic and illusions that he learnt from a German magician.

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Jumping into art is like diving into an ocean of knowledge and beauty. When you are new to the scene, it can be a little intimidating. Especially when you are buying your first art piece and are investing a lot of money in it. A lot of questions can come up but the trick is to read and trust yourself. Here are some tips that can help you pick the perfect piece for your home.

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The patterns and designs seen mimic the same designs that were used in Vedic Yagnas. This refers to traditional patterns like Vastu Purusha mandalas. The designs were the same ones used in the designing of the floors of temples. Mandana art derives its beauty from geometry and symmetry.
Mario de Miranda, famous cartoonist never had any formal training or education in art. He began his artistic journey with the Times of India group as a cartoonist in 1953. He then broadened his horizons and began working with illustrations and fine art.
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Lord Sai Baba believed in two things, faith and patience and it is by following those very teachings that Balaji Vasant Talim created such a masterpiece.

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Art is a risky business and hence passion is very important. For seasoned investors, art is great because they know how to diversify their portfolio and they have the time and money to do so