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I am currently starting my own collection which is certified by 72 virgins, 2 international drug cartels, 4 class 3 terror organizations, 47 inner city street gangs & zero hipsters. IT WILL BE CALLED SIMPLY: “COUNTERFEIT SUPER FAKE FAKE RARES” (aka COUNTERFEIT SUPER FAKE FAKE RARE RARE PEPES•) AND FOR MY JAPANESE SPEAKING FRENS: 私は現在、72人の処女、2人の国際麻薬カルテル、4人のクラス3テロ組織、47人の都会のストリートギャング、ゼロヒップスターによって認定された自分のコレクションを始めています。それは簡単に呼ばれます:「偽造スーパーフェイクフェイクレア」(別名偽造スーパーフェイクフェイクレアレアペペ•)そして私の日本語のスピーキングフレンズ
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i'm in
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Step1 Create a fiat coin backed by bitcoin.
Step2 Watch dollar peg go down during bear market started with bitcoin fall.
Step3 Save the peg by selling bitcoin, triggering further downtrend and loss of peg.
Step4 Peg the patriarchy...oh well
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BREAKING: The Terra blockchain was officially halted at a block height of 7603700.

Terra validators have decided to halt the Terra chain to prevent governance attacks following severe $LUNA inflation and a significantly reduced cost of attack.

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