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Saturday 20th - 18:55

NFTs With Polkadot

Alexander Mitrovich
Unique Network

Polkadot brings on a completely new level of capabilities to digitize and tokenize unique assets. It's power and flexibility combine to allow millions or billions of unique assets to be effectively managed with NFTs.
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Colorado University of Boulder is hosting a call for people interested in digital governance. It's a paid residency/cohort program. read here to learn more» https://www.colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/05/18/excavations-governance-archaeology-future-internet

the professor leading this project was a speaker at ETHDenver and is an expert on cooperatives and a big supporter of DAOs! ❤️
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📝 Elon Musk Convinces Miners to Form ‘Bitcoin Mining Council’ to Promote Renewable Energy Usage — source
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sneak peek of our gig setup for tonight's opening of MoneyLab #12: Viral Tokenization,
with @OoakosiMo beaming in as our CryptoVoxels VJ, and with works on show by Billy Rennekamp, @neurocolor, Roman Mitch and more!
Live Vaporwave/chiptunes et al by Class War on the Dance Floor!
full programme via
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