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Dear friends,

Listing of 1% (11,235,813) of total supply (1,123,581,321) OZOTOP tokens at the Waves DEX with 10X better price than STO stage price had been successfull done!

Deposites with Visa/Mastercard cards , SEPA (EUR/USD) bank transfers and the main popular cryptocurrencies deposites are available on Waves DEX

The price is 1 OZOTOP = 0.000003 BTC. OZOTOP tokens are available for buying now in pair OZOTOP/Bitcoin here:

Project website: https://ozotop.io

Exchanging utility tokens for security tokens will be with 1:1 rate abd KYC/AML procedure

Whitepaper: https://ozotop.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/OZOTOP_White_Paper_888.pdf

OZOTOP tokens and Smart Asset Scripts code at Github:

Smart Assets ID at the Waves Blockchain is:

Bounty program:

Any questions: @ozotop_public
Dear Friends 🎉,

Let's go 🏄‍♂ to the OZOTOP project community chat
⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

🚀 @ozo_top 🚀

You could communicate there with each other 👫 and asking any questions🙋‍♂ about OZOTOP Welcome!
⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

✅ @ozo_top ✅
Available now!
As we know there are some misunderstandings between TON and SEC last weeks. But Telegram investors are showing us their strong position and agree on postponement of TON Blockchain launch; not to demand money back.

The majority of Telegram investors have reportedly agreed to postpone the launch of the messaging giant’s native Blockchain network TON, and therefore, will not demand their funds back.

Forbes Russia reported the news on Wednesday, citing “two sources close to the Telegram team.” Last week, Telegram wrote a letter to its investors that it wants to push the deadline for the TON launch from Oct. 30 to April 30, 2020, after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued it for conducting an “illegal” sale of “digital-asset securities called Grams."

But TON will be synchronized with Ethereum Blockchain. So MVP of OZOTOP project will be created with using the Ethereum Blockchain for first. Info about first steps of OZOTOP MVP creation will be posted here. Follow our news to stay up to date 🔊
OZOTOP MVP visualisation first step

Increase your Bitcoins 10x times with OZOTOP tokens purchase ✅ Limited proposition⌛️ for only 1% of total tokens supply with special price 0.000003 btc per 1 OZOTOP token at this early stage.

When MVP will be ready the price will be 10x higher 0.00003 btc for 25% of total tokens supply 💹

Click the button for OZOTOP tokens purchase now! ✅ OZOTOP/BTC trading pair at the Waves DEX ⬇️⬇️⬇️
There are good news from TON

Test Gram Wallet for TON Testnet is available for using now!

Windows, macOS and Linux 64 bit


Be carefull guys! That is not Telegram ID of OZOTOP CEO @User011233 🚫

Please always check it. My Telegram username is:
✅ @User01123 ✅

There was 1 more my fake account
🚫@UserO1123 🚫 (O letter, not 0 number like my Telegram ID has ✅@User01123✅ ).
But I asked Telegram team to delete that guy!
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WHITEPAPER and ROADMAP refreshing:

 Q1 2019 Project concept creation
 Q2 2019 Team building
 Q3 2019 MVP creation start
 Q4 2019 1st stage of fundraising

 Q1 2020 2nd stage of fundraising
 Q2 2020 TOP Exchanges listings
 Q3 2020 Physical and mathematical model of social interactions
 Q4 2020 Creation of an economic and mathematical model of full OZOTOP project

 Q1 2021 Self-regulation features implementation
 Q2 2021 Full OZOTOP project launch
 Q3 2021 Mobile App creation
 Q4 2021 Self-development stage
OZOTOP tokens valuation is $0.92 per 1 token by Waves DEX platform now!

1% of total tokens supply listed with special price $0.026 (0.000003 btc) per 1 OZOTOP token

Dont loose your chance to get it with OZOTOP/BTC trading pair at the Waves DEX with special price now!
✅ Attention please! Tomorrow Waves DEX will add new features and move from dex.wavesplatform.com to waves.exchange
Kindly ask you to check the new website waves.exchange and move your Waves accounts to it

Bring to minds:

Total tokens supply: 1,123,581,321

Airdrop tokens distribution will be not by fixed date but after fixed amount - when project collect at least 33.8 btc funds

Only 1% (11,235,813) of total tokens supply are available with the special price 0.000003 btc per 1 token!
Buying OZOTOP tokens with OZOTOP/BTC trading pair at the dex.wavesplatform.com now and at the waves.exchange from 02.12.2019 you are speeding up the distribution process for yourself and others and project development

USA, Canada, China (mainland) citizens are restricted from this stage
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