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Those who think with intention and critically for themselves and QUESTION EVERYTHING with a love based intention! JOIN THE CHATGROUP TOO:
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New strategies now for ChargeDefi 🤙🏽
Look who’s back 🤯👆🏽
Just posting this because it is the way that I became aware of a lot of layers of deception in this reality. Whether you believe in it from the perspective of awareness or you just think it is a complete psyop, it really doesn’t matter… For me it was an eye opener, a gamified way to dig through the layers of deception and indoctrination that I had in my programming.

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With the facilitation of Sacred Sons and diving into the many layers of the crypto space, this container will be a unique and co-created space for all of us to become one another’s “gamified arbitrage opportunities”!

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Next steps will be co-creating our OWN ecosystems, first starting with The Sacred Trust, which everyone that joins THIS container will be immediately a part of that ecosystem!

Hope to see you in class!

- Oto
Inner Earth 🌎

$12T worth of Gold found….

Uh oh 😐🤯