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What is the Origami Network?
All-in-one Blockchain-powered Payment and Marketplace solution
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💥Origami Network - New technical and development update💥

Hello everyone,

2018–07–24 : Origami Network — Technical and development update !

Right after the news about our new startup accelerator, we are delighted to announce the new technical update.

Key informations :
- Features developed on Origami Review
- Features developed on Origami Marketplace
- Mostly complete changelog
- We are right on the roadmap schedule

🎇🎬 Origami Network - New videos 🎬🎇

Hello everyone,

We are delighted to show you, two new videos that will explain the benefits of Origami Network.

These two videos, will help us to spread the words and explain the solution to our potentials customers.

Do not hesitate to share the word.

Link : https://medium.com/@origaminetwork/2018-07-30-origami-network-update-new-videos-4813acb6b5eb
Bi-weekly update - Origami Marketplace refocuses on medium or big B2B companies specialized on retail industry

Origami Network bi-weekly update - Marketing and technical updates & new headquarters !