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Attention, you can still place order by price 50 XIN per share ‼️
You can do it until the 10% (100,000) of shares will be placed.

The offer collection period ends in 5 hours ‼️
The offer collection period ends in 3 hours ‼️

You can put your offer up to 12.02.2018 21:00.
➡️ https://gateway.optimusway.io/
The offer collection period ends in 30 minutes ‼️

You can put your offer up to 12.02.2018 21:00.
➡️ https://gateway.optimusway.io/
We did it! 🎉
Thanks to all of you! ❤️
New website for OptimusWay XIN Box ‼️

➡️ https://wallet.optimusway.io/
We have great news ‼️

The core software is done ⚙️
First transactions are made
First fees came 💸

Ticket shop starts selling tickets for the event in Stuttgart in few hours - using the OptimusWay XIN Gateway as the payment processor.

Also, we made the step to official Gateway release by presenting new OptimusWay XIN Gateway website, so we concentrate on the dashboard now.

Stay tuned for news after this weekend 📈

➡️ https://gateway.optimusway.io/ ⬅️
New version of the OptimusWay XIN Box (Wallet) ‼️🎉

• Fixed bug with comma.
• Added share highlighting.
• General improvements.


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Be ready, because the great news is on the way! 🤤

📆 30.04.2019
🕐 18:00 CEST time
After months of intensive work, and difficult challenges the OptimusWay Wallet is available now on the App Store and Google Play 😍🎉

Let's join the revolution:

App Store:

Google Play:

Facebook post:

Web site:

Made with 💜 for blockchain users.
Dear community,
please, stay tuned because there have been unofficial OW accounts recently.

Here is a list of our official accounts, and ways to communicate with you:

Remember! Don't trust any free XIN, assets or tokens - If they ask for your private key (passphrase) for giving you free tokens. It's not real!
Attention ‼️
Please be careful with the IOS 13 update. This actualisation will clear all of the OptimusWay Wallet data and probably other apps data also. So be sure that you have backuped your private keys (passphrases).
Dear community,
we are very grateful for reporting a problem with OptimusWay Wallet.

Our external currency rate provider has servers failure.
In case of long maintenance we will provide update for OW Wallet.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

OptimusWay Team.
Dear community,

we have a situation with our currency rate provider still, therefore we need to prepare for you a new update for OptimusWay Wallet.
The update should be available around 2 weeks, but the waiting time depends on Apple and Google time update verification.

That situation’s not affecting your security. Your founds are safe as it was before.
The OWW app just cannot download the current currency rate.
When you change the currency to USD in your settings you will see the current balance of funds.

If you need send your founds in time of maintenance, please use IE Wallet:

We apologize for any inconvenience.

OptimusWay Team.