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Spoiler Chapter 868

Ch. 868 KX Launcher

There was two people witnessing Linlin eat the children and Carmel.
One was a giant from Elbaf who was worried and came to see the kids. He returned to Elbaf and conveyed the news about Linlin's panic. This made the entire giant race hate Linlin even more furiously.

The other person was pirate wannabe cook who originally lived on the island, Streusen.
He was the user of the Kuku Kuku no Mi, which allowed him to change anything into the world into cooking materials. He helped Linlin establish the Big Mom Pirates.

End Flashback

Bege and the others face Big Mom and fire the launchers.

Another flashback
Carmel proposed to try to make this place their own country.
Carmel states that if this country exists, then the world will be able to become more peaceful.
After Carmel's disappearance, Linlin resolves to make this country that Carmel rejoiced about.

She came to notice that she could use the Soru Soru no Mi's power that Carmel had used.
Utilizing the Soru Soru no Mi's power, She and Streusen begin their invasion.
End Flashback

Because of the wind pressure and Haki from Big Mom's scream, the launcher bullets are destroyed before they can reach her.

Because of the failure of the plan, Ceasar infiltrates the venue to help everyone escape.
However, their escape mirror also breaks due to Big Mom's screams.

With no place to run, Bege uses his devil fruit powers to transform into a gigantic castle, and everyone rushes into his body for shelter.


Source: 2Ch
Translation: Zoro4Prez2016 OJ
اسپویل چپتر جدید
Spoiler Chapter 871

Title: You can do it Caesar!

Caesar cries as he holds Bege and flies through the sky. Perospero created a candy wall to stop him getting away.

Ichiji, Niji and Yonji come to Caesar's aid. They break the candy with a combination Attack 'multicoloured bomb'.

Du Feld is sneaking through the castle to find the Tamatebako. He sees Stussy behind him. She shoots him dead with a finger gun.

Stussy was from CPO. Morgans appears and Stussy panics. She tries to open the box but it falls down the castle.

BM and Luffy in G4 face off. BM hardens her palm so that it is hard as steel. They both say 'I'm gonna be the Pk!' But take no damage.

Judge arrives to back up Luffy. But BM breaks his lance in one attack and takes him down.

The Vinsmoke boys turn away from Caesar and head towards Judge. Katakuri appears in front of Caesar. Ichiji holds off Katakuri but Brûlée joins in.

Caesar turns around. Luffy, Sanji and Germa have collapsed. However the fallen Tamatebako explodes just before BM can execute them. 

End of chapter.

Source: OJ

Ringkasan Cepat

Tajuk: Gebu dan Melekit

Tajuk asal とろふわ (torofuwa) adalah onomatopoeia Jepun untuk makanan yang lazat.

(Ia merupakan salah satu lirik yang dinyanyikan oleh Streusen beberapa Chapter yang lalu.)


Istana Kek runtuh.

Bege dan yang lain menggunakan peluang kekeliruan dan gangguan yang berlaku dengan meneruskan rancangan untuk melarikan diri.

Bege berpendapat yang tidak ada keperluan untuk rancangan pembunuhan itu diteruskan lagi kerana berfikir bahawa lanun Big Mom pasti semuanya akan mati disebabkan runtuhan istana.

Streussen menggunakan keupayaannya dan menyelamatkan kumpulan lanun Big Mom daripada runtuhan Istana Kek.

Luffy dan Bege mengucapkan selamat jalan dan menuju ke kapal masing-masing.

Sawan Big Mom datang lagi disebabkan dia tak makan Kek Perkahwinan

Belum terjemah penuh. Harap bersabar ya?

Ringkasan Terperinci sebentar lagi...


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Isu Weekly Shonen Jump 33 - Sabtu 15 Julai (Chapter 872, scanlation online - Rabu 12 Julai)

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