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Issue #671 | Useful Things You Can Learn in 10 Minutes

In issue 606 of One Daily Nugget, we featured Tim Urban’s mammoth blog post on how to pick a career that fits you.

In today’s nugget, also published on the Wait But Why blog, Urban returns with a much more bite-sized contribution: What’s something you can learn in 10 minutes that will be useful to you for the rest of your life?

Read on to learn more!

What’s Something I Can Learn or Do in 10 Minutes That Would Be Useful for the Rest of My Life?

Wait But Why • 4-minute read
Issue #672 | How to Deepen Your Listening Skills

Listening feels to many like an inborn ability that, unless you’re a musician, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about.

In today’s nugget, however, Pedro de Alcantara makes a compelling case for explicitly treating listening as a skill to be mastered.

Read on and get ready to deepen your listening skills!

Listen, my friend!

Pedro de Alcantara • 5-minute read
Issue #673 | Shape Your Environment to Shape Your Behavior

“Most of us think that we are very deliberate in our behavior and that our actions are a direct product of our independent thinking,” Louis Chew writes in today’s nugget, published by Constant Renewal. “Except that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Indeed, as Chew explains, our behaviors are shaped, in large part, by our environment. Fortunately for us, we can become architects of our environment and thus make it easier for us to adopt healthy habits. Read on to learn more!

Design Your Default: How To Create The Best Environment For Making Decisions

Constant Renewal • 4-minute read
Issue #674 | How to Create an Amazing Music Playlist

The weekend is coming up. Will you be hosting any events? Perhaps a barbecue with friends? Or a birthday party? If so, today’s nugget, published by NPR, will come in handy.

Bobby Carter, Andrew Limbong, and Andee Tagle teach you all you need to know about creating an amazing music playlist. Read on!

How to make a good playlist: Tips from a Tiny Desk producer

NPR • 4-minute read
Issue #675 | Teaching Your Kids Not to Lie

Parents often emphasize the importance of being truthful to their children. But could it be that parents unwittingly promote lying through their own behaviors?

In today’s nugget, published by New York Magazine, Po Bronson provides some helpful guidance. Read on to learn more!

Learning to Lie

New York Magazine • 20-minute read
Issue #676 | Understanding the Economics of Bitcoin

In issue 484 of One Daily Nugget, we featured Emily Atkin’s critique of Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. Her line of reasoning was, in part, environmental in nature.

In today’s nugget, published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Stephen Williamson analyzes Bitcoin from the point of view of an eminent economist.

Read on to learn more!

Is Bitcoin a Waste of Resources?

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis • 17-minute read
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Issue #677 | How to Avoid Stonewalling

In issue 645 of One Daily Nugget, Ellie Lisitsa introduced us to the third of John Gottman’s “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” defensiveness.

In today’s nugget, published by The Gottman Institute, Lisitsa is back with a discussion of the final horseman: stonewalling.

Read on to learn more!

The Four Horsemen: Stonewalling

The Gottman Institute • 7-minute read
Issue #678 | Why You Should Wear the Same Clothes Every Day

Have you heard of the “capsule wardrobe movement”? It’s a minimalist approach to making fashion choices. More specifically, it means wearing the same clothes every day. Sounds nuts?

In today’s nugget, published by Becoming Minimalist, Joshua Becker lists 8 reasons why this approach might not be so crazy after all.

Read on to learn more!

8 Reasons Successful People Wear the Same Clothes Every Day

Becoming Minimalist • 5-minute read
Issue #679 | Seth Godin on How to Experiment

When reading books or articles about what it takes to win in business and life, you will often find encouragement to “experiment your way to success.”

Such advice seems eminently plausible: The world is an uncertain place, and what better way to resolve your untested assumptions than testing them via an experiment?

As Seth Godin points out in today’s blog, however, many people misunderstand the notion of experimentation. It’s not muddling through and then retroactively declaring any failure an “experiment.”

Indeed, to get true value out of experimentation, it needs to be purposeful and rigorous. Read on to learn more!

Getting serious about experimentation

Seth’s Blog • 1-minute read
Issue #680 | How to Get Buff Like Bezos

Around two weeks ago, in issue 662 of One Daily Nugget, we featured an in-depth profile of Jeff Bezos.

In today’s nugget, published by The Week, Peta Bee zeroes in on a question that, in discussions of Bezos’s business success, tends to get overlooked: How did a busy billionaire manage to get so buff?

Read on to learn more!

How Bezos transformed his physique

The Week • 7-minute read
Issue #681 | How to Give Better Feedback at Work

In issue 630 of One Daily Nugget, we featured Kevin Dickinson’s advice on how to give and receive constructive criticism.

In today’s nugget, published by Greater Good, Christine Porath builds on this by sharing nine tips for giving feedback at work.

Read on to learn more!

Nine Tips for Giving Better Feedback at Work

Greater Good • 6-minute read
Issue #682 | Do Manners Matter?

As you have surely noticed, here at One Daily Nugget, we are fans of Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, the undisputed arbiter in matters of etiquette.

But do manners really matter in modern society? In today’s nugget, Brett and Kate McKay, writing for The Art of Manliness, reply with an emphatic “yes.”

How Manners Made the World

The Art of Manliness • 19-minute read
Issue #683 | Carl Zimmer on the Prospects of Immortality

There is a rising chorus among techno-immortalists that we can all live forever. Do these claims hold up to a skeptical scientist’s scrutiny?

In today’s nugget, published by Scientific American, neuroscientist Carl Zimmer provides an answer by sharing an adapted chapter from his fascinating book, Brain Cuttings: 15 Journeys Through the Mind.

Read on to learn more!

Can You Live Forever? Maybe Not — But You Can Have Fun Trying

Scientific American • 26-minute read
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Issue #684 | How Mindfulness Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

In yesterday’s issue of One Daily Nugget, we featured a science-based article at the intersection of technology and health.

Happily, you don’t necessarily need to upload your mind to a computer in order to increase your longevity: There are plenty of other science-based ways to improve your health.

Today’s nugget, published by ScienceDaily, shows how a — decidedly low-tech — program of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction helps lower your blood pressure.

Read on to learn more!

Mindfulness-based stress reduction helps lower blood pressure, study finds

ScienceDaily • 2-minute read