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The OgFOMK ArTS Channel. Constructive Technology Aggregate via Optical Graphic Fabrication of Manufactured Kinesthetics.
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He's like Godzilla, but more fashionable.

4 days until the live event if JT LeRoy's 38th birthday. Live event. 6pm EDT on #Halloween

#JTL38 #WWJTLDO http://JTL38.ogfomk.com
Tomorrow evening. It's a live event. #JTL38

31 October 2018

JTL38.ogfomk.com 6pm Eastern Daylight Time. New York! #Halloween #Halloweird
Alex Nuttall provides a simple chart based on his leadership bewilderment to  help you make your decision while the electoral college makes theirs. Please vote so that the electoral college can do what they want. It's just like Mommy's smart phone with sparkly things.


"When It Comes Down To It." Alex Nuttall has decided to shove off from the yoke of cooperation and go at it alone. OgFOMK has been a collaborative effort but at best it has been a lonely journey. So from this point on Alex has scuttled the works of others in the project and will focus on producing his own works.

URL: https://www.ogfomk.com/2018/12/when-it-comes-down-to-it.html

#Writing #NonFiction #CompanyDevelopment #Journal
In an afternoon walk through Olde Towne, Portsmouth Alex Nuttall finds a flower. The flower then reminds him of the causes and effects and co-dependant origination of everything. A lofty subject for some. A game for others. The understand, however is insightful and pushes the arahant to let go. Posted by Alexander Nuttall 24. December 2018

URL: https://www.ogfomk.com/2018/12/going-for-walks-and-flowers.html

#Writing #NonFiction #Journal #Dhamma