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under emas inside channel
need to decided this area
break 45 or crash 39

- HTF not much changed today
- imo still in 4th wave pending

- compressing between emas and supp+resist
- 45k to confirm going up
- 41k loose to go down

- 0.5 fib supp level holding today for the 5th time
- as long as 40k supp is holding imo bigger chance of moving up
- if 40k is lost then the golden pocket level is the one to bid

- some nice alts setups are forming, we have eyes on

- strong daily candle continuing up
- good volume influx into this bar
- still range bound until 45k is broken

- alts showing strength with TOTAL2 bouncing from supp
- its time to find R:R setups and :fingers_crossed: that BTC gets over 45k and then 50k

- great bull H4 candle closed
- facing the 45k resistance mentioned multiple times

- possible to pull back to 44k supp and break to the upside :fingers_crossed:
- alts showing some life

- pushing strong into daily close
- bulls melting current supply zone like butter!

- expecting some sort of a pullback at the marked areas to make a HL
- possibly over the weekend

- clean HL bounce from 0.5 fib and OB supp
- 5th wave is started on the daily
- to really start running needs to flip 0.87 - 0.96

trade idea:

bid the pullback to ema supp on H4
bids: 0.74 - 0.78
SL 0.72

or resistance flip of 0.85 - accumulation to break 0.95
then it runs high to 1.12 - 1.2 - 1.58 . 1.81

- week closed with a clean bullish engulfing :green_heart:
- I havemarked the wave count as how I see it
- on HTF we are going up now

- bulls in full control
- reaching major resistances and untested supply zones 57k - 65k
- if rejection and pullback to support levels alts will suffer in a higher%

- if BTC just rips trough can always find other trades for trading stack

- was covered in the stream
- holding pretty well here
- as long as over 236 it will eventually run to 786

- price continuing up, but now slowly stalling on daily TF
- 8 ema is a bit far atm 51.5
- on this TF price needs to stall for the ema to catch up
- yday candle was negative, today buy pressure is here, but need to see how the market opens

- volume is dropping on daily TF
- price is holding the 707 fib from the down move
- the 8 ema is at 618 fib and neckline supp

- if loosing 54k price will go to 52k supp

- bias is bullish

- strong break of 60k level
- now sitting at the fib+horiz supp
- on the HTF price pumped trough a couple of bear div on RSI (that is massive strenght)

- ATH 64k is only resistance still to beat before price discovery
- again doubt it will clear in one go
- if a dip happens expecting to get bought up
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- after the weekend sideways movement price moved up
- this was amazing for alts witch made a start of the next leg up

- daily TF is forming LH's
- but structure wise also HL's
- as long as the 58 - 60 levels hold we are bullish


- bullish on alts
- bullish on BTC
- dips are for buying

Have a great weekend