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Michael Caster on Free Expression, Internet Access, & Human Rights

"We see governments enacting laws and policies that restrict the freedom of expression, access to information; we see restrictions on privacy, rights to assembly, and freedom of association online," Michael said. "Some [of this] has been done under the guise of a covid pandemic response." Before covid, governments restricted access to information "under the cover of combating 'fake news.'"

Read more and listen 🎧 to the episode here: https://blog.orchid.com/michael-caster-on-free-expression-internet-access-human-rights/
“Weakened encryption has proven to be an existential threat to the right to privacy.”

It was great to reconnect with the Ethereum community in Paris this week! Check out the recap of Seven’s EthCC talk on defending the right to privacy.👇

Many believe that we are moving closer to realizing the "metaverse," a virtual universe parallel to, and integrated with, the physical world. As we approach this point, important questions are arising about how best to construct a virtual realm that is economically and experientially linked to the real world.
What do NFTs mean for privacy? Learn how NFTs are ushering in a new era of the creator economy, building digital communities, and evolving the conversation about privacy on public blockchains.

PRODUCT UPDATE! We have released version 0.9.30 of Orchid with lower battery usage, improved usability, and support for two new languages: French 🇫🇷 and Turkish 🇹🇷

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New Priv8 Podcast, hosted by Derek E. Silva, with digital rights activist Berhan Taye, a senior advisor at Internews - a non-profit supporting independent media in 100 countries. We take a deep dive into how media censorship affects the news you read, combating misinformation online, and what happens to countries when the Internet shuts down.

Listen now! 👉 https://www.orchid.com/podcast/episode-60-berhan-taye
🎧 Listen to the new Priv8 Podcast interview with Dr. Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, Director at Future of Privacy Forum. We take a deep dive into the current state of privacy and what new laws will impact data security, human rights, and personal freedom worldwide. 👉 https://orchid.com/podcast
The totality of human experience could conceivably be controlled by a few powerful companies.”

Thanks, BeInCrypto, for featuring our CEO Dr. Steven Waterhouse’s thoughts on the Internet’s evolution and how blockchain can help protect privacy in the metaverse. 👇

New Priv8 Podcast! We join Leo Schwarz, a reporter at Rest of World. We take a deep dive into press freedom around the world, the spyware threat to journalists, and how social media affects the news.

Have a listen! 🎧 👉 https://orchid.com/podcast
PRODUCT UPDATE! We have released version 0.9.31 of Orchid on iOS and Android with new bug fixes, improved usability, and new help docs available in both French and Russian.

Download it today! 👉 http://orchid.com
🎧 New Priv8 Podcast interview with Sonny King, Executive Technology Director at frog design. A great conversation on designing for privacy, creating a more sustainable future, and how startups can make their mark in the world.

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New Priv8 Podcast with Alexander Klus, Founder Creaton, a new decentralized content sharing platform. A great conversation on the creator economy, how NFTs unlock value for artists, and the future of digital content.

🎧 Listen and subscribe now!
👉 https://www.orchid.com/podcast/episode-65-alexander-klus