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🔸Notice: ICO of DionCoin has been sucessfully finished. Among 750 ICOs, the raiting of DionCoin was evaluated to be ranked on no.1. We have now been preparing listing on exchanges. Due to regulation of exchanges, the name of exchange and the listing date can not be annouced. However, they will be anounced by exchanges, listing few days before.
Thank you for your support. DionCoin needs your support.
🔸Notice: We have completed all the procedures related to the listing on the exchange. Like you, we are waiting for the listing date from the exchange. Furthermore, due to legal restrictions, we can not notify you of the listing date. We hope good news will come to us like the warm wind that melts the cold winter in the near future. Thank you for your support.
Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
🔸Notice: Please, Do KYC process in Dionpay wallet, you can not move your DionCoin if you do not do KYC process. We do not have responsibility for KYC, please, do KYC process!
🔸 Dioncoin Wallet Tester Recruitment

Benefits: 1000 Dion Coins

📝 How to participate

1. DionCoin wallet: Sign up for and complete email and kyc certification

2. Test Wallet: Sign up for dev-wallet.dionpay. and complete email and kyc certification

3. Send dion test coin request to after rioegistration of

4. Send dion test coin, from February 9th to 9pm (UTC, 2 hours) in the
wallet address: koreabrian12
Memo: Send Dion test coin by filling in Doncoin address
(1000 rewards will be paid to the wallet address written on Memo)

5. Please send your test inquiries to
🔸Notice: We have conversation channels with the most of main exchanges. We expected DionCoin listing on one of these exchanges on this month since high performance of DionCoin is evaluated by them. However, the finance process will take more time for security in terms of technique and finance. We apologize for this situation. We hope that you remember that listing work is based on Dionpay and exchanges. After listing on exchanges, we will open PlayDion which is crypto hybrid game portal platform. Thank you for your support.
🔸Notice: Without KYC verification, you can not withdrawal your DionCoin. Please, do KYC process on Recently, imposters, who pretend to be as executives of Dionpay are reported again. Please, confirm their identity to Dionpay company.
🔸Event: Receive playDion points! (=3 USD)

1. Playing this game

2. leave your score on dionpay twitter with a scrceenshot you played.
Notice: DIONPAY Update News

1. Security module development complete of Crypto hybrid game portal platfrom for Now testing

2. API development of a connection between games and

3. API development of DionCoin usage on

4. 4. Selecting a game to register at from existing game partners

Thank you for your support
🔸Announcement: DION will strategically be listed on Probit exchange (

For these reasons, we decided to list DION on Probit exchange

1. BETA test of hybrid crypto game platform, playDion and decentralized blockchain point system can be tested after DION is listed on external exchanges.

2. BETA test of playDion and DION point system can not be delayed by the schedule of the proposed exchange.

3. Probit exchange supports 8 laguages, and users form many different countries are using Probit exchage.

4. Through this exchange, it is expected that DION is globally promoted.

We have completed to list DION on big exchanges. DION is arranged to be listed on the proposed big exchange soon.
By the way, we are focusing on develpment of playDion.

Thank you for your support.
🔸 Notice: please, emails about lockup conditions of DION has been sent, please check your emails.
Notice: One of Dionpay business model has been registered as a patent (Method for providing mileage using cryptocurrency, registration number: 1021522590000). By this patent registration, the unique property of Dionpay technology is proved. Thank you for your support.