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The architect Alena Yudina is known for her interior designs, which are based on sensuality and mood. The apartments created by her tell the stories of their owners through the correct arrangement of accents. It was this approach that formed the basis of the Blossom collection, which Alena Yudina created together with ODESD2.

The Blossom shelf is a story about childhood and femininity, about a house and a fairy tale, which is appropriate to be told in an adult setting. It has a lot of functionality: a two-sided object made of metal allows you to use it as a shelf or console table, as well as delimit the space in the room. The game motif is not limited to appearance only: the flowers are removable, and allow you to change the appearance of the shelf.
Interior experiments are not suitable for every business. However, the new office of BBDO Ukraine is an example of the successful realization of bold fantasies.

A green lawn in the kitchen and a large hanging swing are just a few of the creative solutions embodied in the space. At the same time, the interior designer managed to maintain a balance between a “free” office, where everything is possible, and classic zoning solutions. So, in the reception area, which also works as a coffee bar, there is a place for the Q1 black chairs, which are the embodiment of modern design, although they perform the usual function.

Designer: Vlad Gushel
Photo: BBDO Ukraine
The old Kyiv building, Georgian hospitality and modern interior design. Try to mix them and you’ll get a new incredible Mama Manana restaurant by balbek bureau.

With a concept of a gradient team connected all the four levels of the building, giving each floor its special meaning. Quick bite on the ground and first floors, banquet in a closed area of the next level, family gathering in a Mama Manana’s «living room» on the second floor and chilling with wine on the highest third floor. Each space has its own colour palette and design elements, but is closely related to the rest of the rooms.

KLU chairs in special black wood, by Nikita Bukoros, invite visitors to a table on the third floor. The room here is bathed in light on a sunny day, and in the evening, when the atmosphere becomes more intimate and cozy, the table is illuminated by lamps that resemble floating candles.

Photo: Yevhenii Avramenko
V1 lounge chairs in the entrance hall of the new "Novyi Zir" clinic became a good place to tune in to an appointment.

Project by Partner Design
Photo: Max Artbovich Interior & Architecture photography
The Q1 lounge chair is one of the most iconic objects of the design bureau ODESD2. Designers and clients around the world choose it for their interior projects, from private apartments to office and hotel spaces.

Designer Svetlana Krasilnikova shared her project of an apartment in Kharkov and the history of working on it: "The customers fell in love with these chairs so much that I laid out the window lintels for them. This was done so that the lintel would not fall on the line of the eyes and would not block the view from the window when you are sitting in the chair".

Project by Svetlana Krasilnikova
Photo: Ivan Avdeenko photography