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A non-profit society in Singapore which aims to support persons with OCD and their caregivers and raise awareness on OCD to promote early detection and intervention
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Career Development Workshop🧑🏻‍💻

OCDNetwork and Avodah Solutions is proud to present the second run of FutuReady, a 3-part workshop designed to allow you to explore your potential career paths through personalised consultations.

To give you an overview on the workshop as well as to give you an overview on the labour market and tools that can help you as you navigate job-seeking, we will be holding a webinar titled “Understanding the Job Market”.

If you are interested, do scan the above QR code register😊

Do note that we will send you a confirmation email with the zoom link upon receiving your registration.
With the first month of 2022 coming to a close, life may begin to get hectic for many of us😥! However, as the tempo picks up, what are some ways that can potential help to keep the OCD monster at bay?🌤
p.s. wishing you a blissful 🥰 and prosperous 🧧 year of the tiger 🐯🎆🥳
OCDNetwork has officially opened our registration for members who are interested to join us!
DON’T UNDERESTIMATE the impact you can make by becoming a member of the OCD Network. The acquisition and sharing of knowledge, and the resulting mutual growth and support can be enriching, energizing and meaningful. When you join us as a member, you also support the network’s mission to increase awareness, to gather resources and treatment knowledge, to help reduce stigma and to improve the lives of all those affected by OCD and related disorders.
For more information on how to sign up, do visit our website (www.ocdnetworksg.com) or drop us an email at enquiries@ocdnetworksg.com
Happy Vesak Day to everyone!
Want to hear a experienced psychologist share the lessons he learnt from 40 years of treating OCD? This is your chance!
Scan the QR code or simply click on this link https://forms.gle/j28gExLqyPPvRzY99 to sign up!!
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Join us for another informative session on Emotion Regulation Skills on 24 June! 💪👀
To signup: https://forms.gle/WGVhF9xempyTESGp9

See you there 🥰