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World's first DeFi platform backed with Antique.


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We aim to become a combined ecosystem full of earning opportunities that will be connected to the built in affiliate system which allows you to build your team structure and earn passive income via profit sharing. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

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Numista is unique and the pioneer in antique business. It's based on building trust in the DeFi. The credible Platform for everyone.

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Average people think a better job will make them wealthy. Billionaires know that a job will never make them wealthy, investment will.

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Successful investing is about managing risk not avoiding it.
The secret to building wealth.

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Numista Network, a brand new crypto project has just been released! Be one of the first pioneers!

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NF has joined the Linux Foundation to enable mass innovation through open source. This opportunity will help to further anchor our commitment to open-source while also contributing to the positive advancement of blockchain as a world-changing technology.
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Average people look for ways to spend money. Billionaires look for ways to invest money.

Average people think a better job will make them wealthy. Billionaires know that a job will never make them wealthy, investment will.

Average people stay away from risks because they might fail. Billionaires know if they don't take risks, they have already failed.

Average people prepare for today. Billionaires prepare today for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Average people waste time. Billionaires see time as their most valuable assets.

Average people are always afraid of losing money. Billionaires know if they don't lose money they cannot be wiser, smarter and stronger.

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πŸ“‰ Crypto Going Down

πŸ“‰ Stocks Going Down

πŸ“‰ Inflation Pulling Money Down



πŸ“ˆ Your next chance, offering you massive earnings potential. πŸš€

πŸ’ΉLooking to earn passive income in the #DeFi space?
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Numista Staking is launched. Generate up to 182% pa passive income.
The Numista Staking Programme is launching to generate rewards β€” off-chain staking via We look to evolve and grow the programme over time to reward long-term supporters of NTA Ecosystem

Key features:

Earn up to 182% APY
Commitment period a minimum of 400 days.
Stake from minimum 50$
Locked tokens will unlock after 400 days and released 5%-10% monthly for withdrawal.
Option to withdraw by 7 days notice period applies
Numista are also working on integrating NTA on-chain staking. Once implemented, NTA staking terms will align with the on-chain ones.
Numista has launched Staking for
Numista users can now stake $NTA to earn rewards

βœ… Token: NTA
βœ… Est. APY: 182%
βœ… Minimum Delegation Amount: 50 USDT

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Numista with the best financial opportunities!
The most lucrative opportunities and offers!
A Place where you like to be and earn money!

πŸ“ˆ Numista πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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Believing in the future is never just a hype and after all we are the ones to make that decision.

What we create together and strive for as a community determines our future!

What the world talks about is what changes the world.

Investment company Morgan Stanley predicted that β€œThe metaverse has a potential $8.3 trillion total consumer expenditure in the U.S.”

With Numista finance you are only one foot step away from this massive opportunity! πŸš€

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A lot of #crypto terminology seems hard to understand at first until it's broken down piece by piece… 🧩
Decentralised Finance removes the control banks and institutions have on #money, financial products, and financial services πŸ“² #DeFi #Numista #Bsc πŸ‘‡
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We have suffered a lot due to exchange failure, for which we are constantly trying to compensate for the loss. Please be patient