NomadiCon - Nashville 2023
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The Dragget Show is and friends' podcast. Join them as they record it live! Come watch as they talk about anything and everything and nothing
That's just the start of our scheduling! Keep an eye out for so much more, or submit your own event now!
Artist's Alley is open! Apply for a spot today!
Heads up! Pre-reg pricing ends November 18th! Badge mailing also ends after this date!

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Our COVID policies are now live, please see here for more info:
DJ apps now open!
NomadiCon is still looking for panel submissions! If you have a topic to share, meetup to host, or other engaging idea, we want to hear it! Get them in soon before it's too late!
Please read this important update from the Board of NomadiCon
NomadiCon is at MFF! Stop by for info, and earn a chance to win a sponsor badge!
Since everybody at MFF got to see them...check out the sponsor shirt! Designed by the fantastic Stablercake!
At noon (CST) tomorrow, you will know the location and dates of NomadiCon 2023!
Happy new year!
You can now book your hotel room! Reservations are open here: