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The first ever capture of the real thing. This is the Nokia 8.3.
This is the third largest growth financing of Europe in 2020. So, they really managed to convince investors about their agenda.

Key investors (but there will be more):
• Google
• Qualcomm
• Nokia Technologies (YES!)
Forwarded from LoveNokia (Kartik)
Get Ready Nokians! Here it comes. 😃
Watch "Nokia 8.3 5G – Behind The Scenes of a truly EPIC photo shoot" on YouTube
Here's something for your weekend watch 🙈
🎉Android 11 rollout for Nokia phones begins!🎉

👑 1st Device:
Nokia 8.3 5G
Largest announcement to date 🧐
Android 11 updates for these 3 devices have been rolled out in the past 24 hours:

👉 Nokia 8.1
👉 Nokia 2.3
👉 Nokia 4.2