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WVE–005 Responsible Disclosure & v4 Hard Fork

> Before the v4 Hard Fork, an attacker could have exploited the vulnerability to perform a DoS (denial-of-service) attack, in such a way that it was difficult to identify the attacker itself. Denial of Service means that the attacker would halt the entire CoinJoin process for all other participants and Wasabi rounds would no longer work. Given the fact that we have not observed any DoS attempts thus far, we assume that no Wasabi user has been affected by the vulnerability.

> It is important to specify that the attacker could neither steal users' funds nor deanonymize anyone. What they could have done was to prevent the completion of the CoinJoin process.

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Bitcoin: A Novel Economic Institution

> This paper lays out the case for Bitcoin. In Part 1, we describe how the Information Age gave rise to Bitcoin, a novel economic institution designed to challenge legacy financial systems. We explain how legacy financial institutions, which have evolved through a trust-based model, appear to have fallen short of the four economic assurances necessary for a predictable financial system. We then analyze Bitcoin’s behavior in relation to these four economic assurances and explain why we believe it is designed uniquely to satisfy them.
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Multisig Guide using specter and bitcoin core

- 1 Coldcard
- 1 CoboVault
- 1 paper wallet

release thread:
Umbrel v0.2.9 released

- LND v0.11
- iOS Tor browser fix
- Backup status shown
No KYC bitcoin primer
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Ministry of Nodes: Specter Desktop + Coldcard Windows Guide

An easy way to use a hardware wallet on Windows with two pieces of software - Bitcoin Core and Specter Desktop.

LN Markets investment round

> LN Markets, a crypto derivatives exchange built on top of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, has raised an undisclosed sum of money in a pre-seed round.

> The round saw participation from crypto exchange Bitfinex and investment firms Arcane Crypto and Fulgur Ventures.

Chainalysis 2020 Global Crypto Adoption Index

> To do this, we weighted our index formula to measure cryptocurrency activity while also accounting for each country’s population and economy size. The intention is to highlight the countries where the most residents have moved the biggest share of their financial activity to cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Optech #114

- protocol for making routable coinswaps
- re-delegate absurd fee checking from mempool to clients
- infrastructure projects changes

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CVE-2018-17145: Bitcoin Inventory Out-of-Memory Denial-of-Service Attack

- Doesn't appear to have been exploited but could have been used to steal funds.
- Vulnerability introduced in Nov 2017.
- Discovered in June 2018.
- July 2018 release of Bitcoin Core v0.16.2 included fix.

Full Paper:
Belarus Non-Profit Helps Protestors With Bitcoin Grants

- BYSOL non-profit has raised $2M+
- Provides grants of $1500 per persion
- Distributed using bitcoin since fiat transfers into Belarus are being blocked

Square Announces Crypto Open Patent Alliance

> First, COPA members pledge never to use their crypto patents against anyone, except for defensive reasons, effectively making these patents freely available for all to use. Second, COPA creates a shared patent library where members pool all of their crypto patents together to form a collective shield of patents, allowing members to use each others’ patents to deter and defend against patent aggressors. This helps democratize patents for everyone, empowering even small companies with tools and leverage to defend themselves.

Electrum v4.0.3 released

- Coldcard multisig improvement
- Automated BIP39 recovery
- other refactoring and bugs

release notes:
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New FATF Report: Virtual Assests Red Flag Indicators

- Transactions
- Transaction Patterns
- Anonymity
- Senders or Recipients
- Source of funds or Wealth
- Geographical Risk

BlueWallet v5.5.8 released

- Support for big wallets (>3k txs)
- New wallet sidebar navigation for tablet & desktop
- New languages
- New currencies
- Bug fixes