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Blixt lightning wallet is currently offline due to an apparent DDoS attack. They are moving to a new hosting provider and expect to be operational again tomorrow.

- lntxbot and lnbits seem to have suffered similar attacks in recent days
- those two appear to be operational now
- all three services were using infrastructure
On a residential back street of Houston, in a 150000 square-foot warehouse safeguarding high-end vintage cars, 200 oil and gas execs and bitcoin miners mingled, drank beer, and talked shop.
Based on feedback received we will be making some improvements to this feed.

1) we will no longer use caps for titles
2) software releases will be bundled together and posted on wednesdays
3) reminder that you can submit topics/sources and feedback at any time via telegram @nobsbitcoin
This Month in Bitcoin Privacy: August 2021

- Understanding Bitcoin Privacy with OXT
- U.S. Infrastructure Bill
- Privacy in Proof of Liability
- Atomic Swaps with Monero, Continued
- Nym Project Hires Chelsea Manning
- Mining Privacy
- Blockchain Commons Camouflage
- Node Support for Taproot in Majority
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An Intro to Samourai Wallet - Week 1 - Wallet Basics

- The first of a 4 part series focused on Samourai Wallet. In this video the focus is on Samourai Wallet and Sentinel mobile apps. For the following 3 sessions they plan to cover bitcoin privacy preserving spend tools, Whirlpool - the coinjoin implementation, and Dojo a full bitcoin node implementation which serves as the back-end server for your Samourai Wallet.
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Satoshi en Venezuela Podcast

- Bitcoin, proof-of-work, mining and much more with Adam Back
El Salvador becomes the first nation to declare bitcoin legal tender.
The Salvadorian Government's bitcoin wallet Chivo is powered by BitGo and does not support the lightning network.

: Reports that the Chivo wallet does support lightning.
Our earlier post stated there was no support for lightning in the Salvadorian Government's bitcoin wallet Chivo but it appears it does in fact support lightning.

Apologies for the confusion.
Bitcoin Optech #165

- proposal for Bitcoin MIME types
- new decentralized mining pool paper
- PR Review Club Meeting
- Vaults with taproot
Forwarded from Citadel Dispatch
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Citadel Dispatch e0.3.7 - building software from source code with @achow101 and @craigraw

EPISODE: 0.3.7
BLOCK: 699517
PRICE: 2170 sats per dollar
TOPICS: building software from source code, reproducible builds, reducing trust, coin selection, coin control, coinjoin
Blockstream and Macquarie to Form Green Bitcoin Mining Partnership

- Macquarie is a financial services group based out of Sydney, Australia. With $550B AUD ($411B USD) in assets under management, Macquarie operates across the globe in 32 markets.
New law in Ukraine legalizes bitcoin trading on registered exchanges but using it as payment for goods or services is prohibited.
WSJ article conflates bitcoin use by Afghanis concerned about Taliban control with potential use by the Taliban themselves.
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An Intro to Samourai Wallet - Week 2 - Spend Tools

- the second of a four part series focused on samourai wallet